What Your Jewelry Says About You

What Your Jewelry Says About You

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If you can’t even think about putting an outfit together without adding the perfect beaded necklace or your favorite pair of chandelier earrings, you’re one of us. We love using jewelry to accentuate our personalities. Our guest writer, Bryn Huntpalmer over at Modernize, has some great insights about your style choices. So what does the jewelry you love say about you?


If this is your style of accessorizing, it might just mean that you’re a calm person who is deeply in touch with her inner self. Recycled materials are a favorite among these down-to-earth types. If there’s a way to make jewelry more eco-friendly, they go for it.

Among Earth and Moon Design’s collection, one of our favorite down-to-earth pieces is the Raina: Tortoise Necklace. This piece is made from recycled glass, Vintage Lucite and copper, giving it a dreamy blue color with warm earthy tones. Earth and Moon Design’s Corona: Chunky Yellow Necklace Set is also crafted from recycled glass. The sunny yellow glass paired with black onyx in this piece will add a graphic note to your look.

Recycled Glass and Tortoise Necklace

Raina: Tortoise Necklace


Classic and Elegant

Perhaps you’re channeling Audrey Hepburn or another classic beauty with your love for pearls, basic black statement pieces, and neutrals. You’ll love Earth and Moon Design’s Twister: Handmade Black and Silver Necklace which pairs stunningly with a white blouse and black skirt. It even adds a soft femininity to a suit.

Add a multi-strand of pearls and a twinkle of blue with Earth and Moon Design’s Serenity: Light Blue Statement Necklace. After all, being a timeless classic doesn’t mean you have to shy away from glamour.

Classic Black Jewelry

Twister: Handmade Black and Silver Necklace



If you’re into big pieces like hoop and dangling earrings, you’re probably a fun-loving person. Larger pieces are often associated with a bubbly and outgoing personality, since they can serve as conversation starters.

Fun-loving people often go for color in their jewelry. Earth and Moon Design’s Mountain Song: Handcrafted Green Necklace Set is perfect. The large green gemstones stand out in the best possible way. A pop of festive red in Earth and Moon Design’s Holly Whimsicals: Red Dangle Earrings will also be hard to miss. You’ll get many compliments wearing these pieces to a party!

Boho Style Jewelry Fringe Necklace

Mountain Song: Handcrafted Green Necklace Set



If you find yourself drawn to unique pieces you can’t find anywhere else, you’re probably a trendsetter. You’re always ahead of the fashion game, and you do it well. You have confidence to try something new and love the feeling of being complimented on your bolder choices.

Earth and Moon Design’s Moon Walker: Turquoise Blue Lariat Necklace is for assertive people like you. The unique shape of the necklace is great to spark a conversation. Everyone will ask where you found it! The Southwest colors are calming and subtle but still eye-catching enough to complement any outfit.

Turquoise Blue Lariat Necklace

Moon Walker: Turquoise Blue Lariat Necklace

No matter your style, accessorizing with jewelry that suits your personality can take a great outfit from cute to “Wow!”. Earth and Moon Design’s pieces are versatile for every woman and every wardrobe, and we simply can’t get enough.

Modernize is where you come to get inspired, see what’s possible, and connect with a professional who will make your dream home a reality.

Bryn Huntpalmer is a mother of two young children living in Austin, Texas where she currently works as an Editor for Modernize. In addition to regularly contributing to Home Remodeling, Design, and Fashion websites, her writing can be found on Lifehacker and About.com.


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Comments 106

  1. These pieces are beautiful and I can see how what you wear says something about you. I have to admit, I love the look of jewelry, especially necklaces, but I rarely wear pieces. I have some but never take the time to wear them. Wonder what that says about me. 🙂

    1. Thanks Karen for being so candid. I think it’s a habit you get into. If you give some thought as you dress to what you are wearing and how you want to look and feel, you might just try putting on a necklace when you go out to dinner. See how it makes you feel.

    1. Heather Johnson, so understandable &b I remember being pulled at. My grandchildren when I held them did that too. I suggest that when you go out to dinner or an event without the children, you put on a necklace. You will be pleasantly surprised by how it can make you feel & affect your mood.

  2. I can appreciate beautiful jewelry like the pieces shown here but I’m terrible at pulling together looks so I constantly just keep diamonds in my ears and usually just a simple necklace I got when my kids were born. I’m so boring!

    1. Christine Hadden, appreciate your openness. I can get that it can be confusing to decide what goes best with. We can help you with that anytime. If you have an event to go to & have your outfit, send us a photo, even on the hangar. If you want to select from your own jewelry, include those items. If open to a new piece we can make a few suggestions. In other words, it may not be a high priority every day, but as kids get older, your life changes & jewelry can contribute to your good looks & mood.

  3. This is really interesting, Roz! And I see exactly what the personality descriptions provide. And it gave me a great idea. You know, as a novelist, I’m always looking for quirky character traits that reveal tons of characterization in few words. I’m going to pay close attention now to what jewelry my fictional folks are wearing! Thank you!

    1. So glad Susan Mary Malone this topic stimulated ideas for you. We have other blogs that might stimulate some personality plot twists. I’m thinking of our Talisman post a few months back. Let me know if you need help with links.

    1. Appreciate Carl if you show them to your wife. Offer to buy her a present & let her know we jave a full website where all our jewelry is one-of-a-kind. Thanks for your comment.

  4. There was as time when I would buy outfits and jewelry to match. Now that I don’t go into an office each day, I haven’t been doing so. However, I am trying to dress up a bit better even though I am working from home. Thanks for this motivation.

    1. I work from home and yes, there are some days I’d rather wear a sweat outfit than nice slacks & a top, but I always wear jewelry & not because I make it Renee Groskreutz. I feel better, I feel productive & I like when I catch a glimpse of myself that I look good. Try it.

    1. Jackie loves to have fun. The necklace you purchased I would call classic & I know how much you enjoy wearing it. You are a fun loving gal with a great sense of humor. Bold & classy.

  5. I think I’m a bit of all of the above, depending on my mood. I feel like I’ve forgotten to dress when I don’t have earrings on, at the very least. Mostly I go for down to earth or fun-loving pieces but when I need to step up for an occasion, I’m more than happy to try for classic and elegant (though no one could ever accuse me of looking like Audrey lol). I really adore finding unique pieces too. All the images are great but this week I’m particularly drawn to Raina and Moonwalker

    1. Tamuria, you are an eclectic person in general so no surprise you like different types of jewelry for different occasions or settings. The twpo pieces you favor are fabulous in my humble opinion.

  6. Interesting categories. I’m afraid I’m a bit random. If I had to pick one it would be Fun Loving. You always write unique blog posts about jewelry. I look forward to them.

  7. I have a little of all and jewelry styles but mostly down-to-earth is my go to for everyday. I never leave the house without earrings and usually bracelets. Necklaces take a bit more consideration for me. Love these pieces.

  8. Love the jewelry! I happen to be the type who likes to bling it up. You made me realize each piece has its own personality, which means I get to change up my mood with every outfit. Great excuse to add to my collection. I try to keep up with trends, so unique things always catch my eye.

    1. I know you are a jewelry lover Meghan Monaghan. Didn’t know you like bling & sparkle. Would have classified you as down to earth. Nice to be surprised & learn something new about a reader. Thanks for your comment.

      1. Working from home a lot has made my wardrobe choices less likely to accommodate as much bling as I’d prefer Roslyn. I think that I have many different aspects to my personality and jewelry lets me express them depending on my mood. 😉

        1. Appreciate your comment, Meghan Monaghan. Circumstances often change and that can impact your clothing and jewelry choices and usage. And yes, our moods can determine our choice or our choice can uplift our mood.

  9. Nice.. funny thing.. I am a plain boring hoop girl… but prefer the ‘trend setting’ lariat type necklaces instead… or the plain ‘Twister’ kind of set. Great job Roz in finding a guest poster to work for you and your biz.

    1. Thanks, Kristen Wilson. We were excited when approached by this company to do a guest blog for us. We loved their topic and working with them to use their ideas and our jewelry. Collaboration is a cool thing.

  10. Beautiful pieces!

    I have jewelry from all of the above categories. I was going to say except ‘down to earth’ but then I realized that I have some jasper and turquoise pieces. Jewelry–I don’t leave home without it. I’ve really been into statement necklaces, rings and cuffs lately.

    Rachel recently wrote What is the Fastest Way?

  11. Hey Bryn
    What a beauty really its just amazing to see these latest trend setters.. lovely pictures & design.
    I think I can’t stop myself of buying all of them in fact no lady can!!isn’t it?

    Anyways very beautiful post!!

    1. Thanks Ellie for your appreciation of this post and of our jewelry. We have many more on our website, so when in the market, you should be able to find at least one to buy.

  12. Gorgeous jewelry as always. I think I land in the down-to-earth category. I love anything that has a vintage feel mixed with current trends. My wedding ring is a great example. I saw some antique rings and then went looking for something that had a similar feel with an updated look. Very fun blog post!

    1. Your wedding ring sounds lovely. We love antique feel or vintage & might someday move in that direction. Thanks Brenda Niemeyer for your compliment & comment.

  13. I’m not quite sure which category I fall in, Roslyn. I love my gemstones and prefer small pieces even when fashion says big pieces are in vogue. When in doubt, I go with pearls and have a nice collection of all kinds of pearl jewelry. I’ve also got my eyes on my Mom’s Mikimoto set that my late Dad had gifted her over 40 years ago. 🙂 Maybe having worked in a conservative audit profession for 25 years has something to do with it.

    On the other hand, my Mom loves antique jewelry and anything she wears acquires her magic whether time she was in the role of an Ambassador’s wife or in her own identity as an Expressionist and Poet.

    What do you think?

    1. I think you are exotic VatShukla. You grew up amidst jewels & fine surroundings & I’m sure, have excellent taste. What I do know for sure about you is that you really appreciate your jewelry, gemstones and know a great deal about them.

  14. Great post. I love jewelry, and I’m all over the place in terms of type. I also relate to the ‘mom’ thread going on here – I can’t wear a necklace in front of my 2-year old daughter or she insists on her wearing, which can get a bit scary both for her safety and for the safety of some of my more delicate pieces as well. I just bought her a kit to make her own beaded necklaces, so we’ll see where that takes us. She’s a natural at this jewelry thing. xo, Reba

    1. I’m thinking Reba Linker that you have a typo & your daughter is not 2 but 12. Would make more sense for her to start designing jewelry than a 2 year old. I started all my grandkids off when they showed interest & waiting for my 4 year old to ask.

  15. There used to be a time where I was decked out with earrings, necklaces and bracelets, heck even hair accessories matched. Then one day something changed and simplicity is more my norm: necklace and sometimes earrings. This was a fun way to look at the possibilities. Thanks 🙂

    1. It is not unusual Natasha Botkin to change your style. Sometimes it relates to a change in lifestyle. The key is you are happy with how you are accessorizing now.

  16. Based on these categories I believe I am a mix of down-to-earth and trendsetter. My jewelry usually makes a statement (or so people who notice it tell me), and I have no issue wearing many bracelets at one time. I never go out without a necklace either, so I am a true jewelry person. Lovely jewelry to go with each style and I’m thrilled to have two of your wrap bracelets which I wear everyday with all my other ones.

    1. Beverley Golden, you are a mix of two and no surprise here. Love that you are a jewelry person who even created jewelry from watch parts. Makes your appreciation for our designs even more special. Thanks for becoming a customer of our wrap bracelets.

  17. Beautiful necklaces. I’m one of those crazy individuals who rarely wears jewelry, but I love to make it! You’ve inspired me to explore my neglected “art” table and be creative.

    1. Have fun designing. After I started my business I found myself wearing jewelry daily. Best form of advertising. Perhaps Cindy it will happen to you too.

  18. I love to wear jewelry, especially necklaces and I have a handful of favourite pieces. I don’t wear everything that I have, I just noticed. I usually check my drawer when I dress up in the morning and choose the piece I feel in the mood to wear. Many times I would wear the same necklace for an entire week 🙂

    1. An interesting observation Delia. Most women select to coordinate with her outfit. You select by how you feel. Seems you know that jewelry can impact your mood.

  19. Lovely pieces and nice insights. I’ve always loved the classic look, but I also love a whimsical bohemian look now and then. Fascinating comment above about novelists developing characters- really great insight to describe them through their jewelry.

    1. Thanks Denise for your comment. Glad to see you read others comments. I do that too as I read many blogs. I do hope Susan the author follows through with this idea. Could make her story appeal even more to female readers. Thanks for your compliments.

  20. These jewelry pieces are so adorable. I love accessories to add flair to an otherwise plain looking blouse or shirt. I have to be careful though when I am with the grandkids. They get so fascinated with the colors and I am scared they might pull on it and break.

  21. These pieces are all unique and beautiful and while I love the one made from recycled materials my favorite is the Twister: Handmade Black and Silver Necklace . I guess I prefer traditional and understated pieces!

  22. I dream of being a trend-setter and fun-loving but in reality I’m probably more down to earth. I only dress up about once a week for church and am finding that I am bored and tired of my current wardrobe and most of my jewelry. Actually it is probably because I have not invested in myself for quite some time so I’m a bit outdated. Now my dream is to be a fun-loving trend-setter.

    1. Pat Moon, if in your heart you are a fun-loving trend-setter, then that is you. You have had many family health issues to take care of. I’m hoping in the near future you can indulge yourself, freshen up your wardrobe and get out and about.

  23. Such a fun article! My favorite piece was the trendsetter necklace which is funny because being a mom I feel like I hardly every accessorize. But it is beautiful!

    1. Summer, the trendsetter necklace is also down to earth as it is made with turquoise beads, a popular semi-precious stone. Appreciate your good taste & compliment. Consider when you do go out with just the two of you that you accessorize. Makes you feel special.

  24. Loved this. Never looked at jewellery in that way. I seem to have a bit of each one depending on my mood. However, as my partner is an artist I love wearing his bold pieces as they are so unique. Thanks for this wonderful insight.

  25. How fun! I don’t wear much jewelry, but I definitely lean toward the Down to Earth type and that is a beautiful piece you showed! On a day to day basis, I wear a few basic pieces, all gold, and each has a history – the ring my #1 hero of all time (my great grandmother) gave me, a pendant made of an honest to goodness piece of pirate treasure that represents bold adventure and was a gift from someone special, etc. Not sure what category that puts me in but since I tend to be a bit of a loner I suppose this is my way of remaining connected to the people and things that matter most to me.

    1. It is lovely Marquita Herald to have jewelry with so much history and meaning. Thanks for the compliment on the Raina Tortoise Necklace made with artisan hand-blown glass beads.

    1. Appreciate your thoughts Suzie Cheel. As many of your jewelry were gifts, the giver saw you a certain way and chose something they thought suited your personality.

  26. Omg can we say fabulous?!?! I just love all of these. I personally think I’m a mix between all of them. I guess I’m just an all around jewelry lover 😉

  27. Love every piece! Would wear them all, what does this say about me? hahaha Never have a day where I am not fully decked out including rings on 4 of my fingers, plus bangles and a watch….

    1. Maggie, sounds like you are a lady who loves jewelry. Try wearing necklaces with your rings & bangles to see what it can do for your look and mood.

    1. Thanks Holly for your compliment. Our pieces are one of a kind, so if you see something you like, you know what to do. The lariat Moon Walker is not really a statement necklace although it does make a statement.

  28. Roslyn, One thing I’ve noticed is that some people can pull off certain pieces of jewelry, and others – not so much. I feel that I look absurd in the larger “Wilma Flintstone” type necklaces. Yet, other people do give me compliments when I cave and wear them. For some reason, I feel more comfortable in smaller pieces. I think size, weight, and color influence at least as much as formal, early, etc. But the right pieces do help me feel good about myself!

    1. Joan Potter, you made an excellent point for jewelry and fashion. You have to feel comfortable in what you are wearing cause that gives you confidence about your appearance. Statement necklaces are meant to draw attention to the piece, not specifically the whole but when it is a complimentary match, it works on the whole which must be why you got compliments.It can all work.

  29. Revisiting this post, I wanted to see if maybe I was more of a fun lover then I thought the first time. Still a trendsetter with some down-to-earth undertones in my style. As I type this I am looking at my Nixie bracelet which I wear mostly every day. Trendsetter all the way!

    1. Yes, Beverley, everything about you is unique. Trendsetter gal, down to earth yet reveres the clouds. Being curious & open to art, music, culture, literature must contribute to your fun loving ways. Thanks for revisiting .

  30. First of all, I totally love your jewelry and your art! As for the post, well it really depends on my mood. I’m more like a chameleon. One day I feel I want to go simple necklace with my jeans and T-shirt. Another day I just want to wear floral with “loud” hoops. Keep it up with the great work!


    1. Psychic Nest Zaria, it is wonderful to wear jewelry dictated by your moods. Sounds like you have a very eclectic taste which suits your spiritual nature. Thanks for your comment.

  31. Wow!! I really love your necklaces. You have such a lovely collection of jewelry. I just fall in love with these necklaces. When we talk about flaunting style with jewelry. Earrings and necklaces are always my favourite. You can wear them with any kind of outfit. I would love to wear simple jewelry with my outfits and I have been shopping jewelry from Freshtrends. Thanks for sharing lovely post.

  32. Wow!! I really love your necklaces. You have such a lovely collection of jewelry. I just fall in love with these necklaces. When we talk about flaunting style with jewelry. Earrings and necklaces are always my favourite. I would love to wear simple jewelry with my outfits and I have been shopping jewelry from Freshtrends. Thanks for sharing lovely post.

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