Vedic Astrology: Empowerment through Gemstones

Vedic Astrology: Empowerment through Gemstones

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My interest in understanding gemology from a Vedic Astrology perspective and learning about the empowering properties of gemstones came quite late in life. To be honest, I wasn’t really interested in jewelry as a child but I did have my eyes on a particular set of gold earrings designed as a flower with a pearl centre that my mother had from her childhood but to assert my rights as the first born daughter and to wear them, I had to have my ears pierced.

In those days, buying jewelry was based on trust rather than branding and so, at the age of 8, I insisted that it had to be done when we went to my mother’s home town and the family jeweler did the needful. I acquired my first silver earring which was actually a silver loop but I had pierced ears now and the world became my oyster as did my mother’s earrings which are still a prized possession now safely kept in the bank locker.

As I grew older, I bought jewelry that caught my eye and unlike my peers who went for gold, I preferred silver and gems. I was attracted to amethysts and red garnets. I eventually did acquire diamonds but that was because I’m an Aries and I understand that no Aries girl worth her salt would not have something in her collection.

When I came to live in India in the late 90s, I noticed that men and women often wore particular rings on different fingers and I was told that they were meant to help with problems from an astrological perspective as guided by their astrologer. My curiosity was aroused and I had to learn more.

What I am sharing from this point is based on what I have discovered over the last 15 years and should be read for information and knowledge about a different concept to gemology compared to the West.

Mythology about the Origin of Gems

There are many myths and legends about the origination of gemstones but one thing that is quite clear is that even in ancient times, when there was no gemology or research available, people all over the world, whether in India, Turkey, Egypt or even in Germany were aware of the power of gems and wore them for strengthening various planets and for propitiation purposes.

Even today, there are beliefs about using certain gemstones and crystals for specific purposes. For example, I learned that Amber is believed to cure rheumatism in one instance and in Germany, hanging a garland of ambers around the neck of an infant can make their teething less troublesome while the Romans would hang chains of Coral to the cradle of infants to ward off evil spirits. In India, lockets made of silver and studded with Pearls are hung around the necks of the infants to ward off evils.

Whether or not we believe in the healing and curative effects of wearing gems or crystals, there are many who claim to have experienced the benefit for their problem and I suppose, one has to try it to form their own opinion.

Gemstones according to Hindu Mythology

In Hindu mythology, Demons too could worship the Gods especially Vishnu and Shiva and get boon following severe penance that made them even more powerful. Many demon kings were actually good rulers until they became too powerful and misused their power and then the Gods would have devised a plan for their downfall. One such demon king was Bali whose story is associated with the birth of gems.

According to legend, it is said that the King of the Demons, Bali, came to Heaven to conquer it. The God Indra, who is also the King of Heaven, escorted Bali in the guise of a Brahmin who was seeking an animal to perform a sacrifice. He pleaded with Bali to help him as he was unable to find an animal that day and the yagna (prayer) could not be completed without the sacrifice.

Bali accepted it knowing that his body was invincible. This was known to Indra too and he did not hurt the body of Demon King but hurled his Thunderbolt Weapon (Vajra) at the weakest part of Bali’s body – his head. The demon king was shattered into pieces of gems because he was a unique creature himself, immensely powerful and armed with arduous karma (good effects) too.

It is said in mythology that the various parts of Bali’s body transformed into the different gems. So, from the bones of demon king Bali, Diamonds were found; from his teeth the Pearls; from his blood drops Ruby; from the gall bladder Emerald; from his eyes came out Blue Sapphires; from the juice of his heart came Lapis Lazuli; from his bone marrow appeared Karketan; from his nails appeared Cat’s Eye; from his body fat came Rock Crystal; from flesh came Coral; from skin came out Yellow Sapphire; and from his semen appeared a gem called Bheesham.

The legend further goes that from these gems, Sun took away Ruby, Moon picked up Pearls, Mars took away Coral, Mercury took Emeralds, Jupiter picked up Yellow Sapphire, Venus took Diamonds, Saturn took Blue Sapphires, Rahu took away Zircon and Ketu lifted Lapis Lazuli. This is the reason why these stones are worn by humans to enhance the strength of these planets.

According to mythology, all these gems had been grown by nature inside the body of Demon King Bali as he was a unique creature and when these gems came out of the shattered body, it was a symbol of victory of Gods over the demons.

How to Determine Your Gemstone

Vedic Astrology uses various methods to determine your gemstone and the main difference with Western astrology is that the zodiac sign is based on the position of the Moon at the time of birth.

So depending upon your Moon Sign Ascendant, your gem would be: 

Gemstone by Moon Sign

You can wear your gem on your person in the form of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even rings. The difference with wearing jewelry from the Vedic perspective is that the stone must touch your body and hence, in the case of a pendant or ring, must be mounted in such a way that the gem touches your skin and allows the rays of light to allow the gem to give you its full benefit.

If you decide to wear rings for problem solving or therapeutic purposes then there are procedures which are outside the scope of this post but which require setting in a particular metal, cleaning the gems with mantras and putting them on specific fingers at specific times and days of the week. Your astrologer would also prescribe the karat of the gem based on your weight!

The best way to determine the right gemstones for use under Vedic Astrology is to seek the help of a qualified astrologer as it is believed that using the wrong gemstone or wearing it in the wrong manner can actually give adverse results. So for example, not everyone can wear Blue Sapphire in olden times, the jeweler would give the stone to the prospective buyer wrapped in delicate cloth to keep on their person for a week to see if it suited them before selling it. I’ve heard of stories where the sapphire was returned very quickly!

Seek Guidance through a Professional Vedic Astrologer

There are many online sites that claim that they can tell you about the gems that you need to use based on your Vedic Astrological sign and while this is at a basic level (the zodiac sign would be computed based on your Moon sign as the Ascendant) if you are looking to use gemstones to help with specific solutions, then you need to seek out a qualified Vedic Astrologer with proven credentials.

The reason being that under the Vedic Astrology system, a number of factors are taken into account to find the right gem for you.  In brief, the astrologer would look at your Moon Sign and at the ruling planet with reference to your birth charts as a starting point. Then he would look at the Major Planetary Period at the time of your birth and the position of the planet   ruling that period. It doesn’t stop there. The astrologer would also examine all 9 planets and their location in your birth chart as well as their strengths. There is another chart called Navamsa which would also be examined to pinpoint any hidden facts that are overlooked in your Zodiac Chart as well as any change of position of a planet house-wise.

Only then will the astrologer give clear indications about the type of gemstone that has to be prescribed for the person.

Normally the stones are prescribed for strengthening the planets which results in beneficial effects. In fact, the astrologer can prescribe specific gemstones for specific periods of one’s life and even ask you to abstain from wearing specific gems or crystals as they may act counter-intuitively.

For example, my Vedic sign is that of a Scorpion and I am supposed to benefit from wearing Coral. However, around the time that I faced a redundancy, it was determined that my Sun was very strong and I had to refrain from wearing Coral as my Mars was also strong and instead of helping me, it would make me angrier and more agitated!

I was advised to wear more of pearls to help keep me calm and the Yellow Topaz to help strengthen Jupiter who looks after careers and business success. This was indeed a dynamic prescription and quite possibly helped me to ride out the storm in a global recession until I could find my way back into a better employment. It worked.

Pure Vedic Astrology also talks about conflicting gemstones and should you intend to use gemology under Vedic Astrology without enabling the aid of an astrologer, to find cures and solutions, it helps to have an idea about the conflict of different gemstones.

Vedic Astrology Gemstones and their Semi-precious substitutes

Some of the gemstones that I mentioned are quite expensive and you may not wish to wear them on a daily basis. So here are some semi-precious substitutes that work equally well.

 Ruby is the precious stone for Sun. The semi precious substitute for Ruby is Red Garnet.

 Pearl is the precious stone for Moon. The semi precious substitute for this is Moon Stone and Opal.

 Red coral is the precious stone for Mars. The semi precious substitute for this is Carnelian.

 The Hessonite is the precious stone for Rahu. Its semi precious substitute is Zircon and Amber.

 Yellow sapphire is also known as Oriental Topaz and is the precious stone for Jupiter. The semi precious substitute is Golden Topaz.

 Blue sapphire is the precious stone for Saturn. The semi precious substitute is Turquoise and Lapis lazuli.

 Green Emerald is precious stone for Mercury. The semi Precious substitute for this is Peridot.

 Cat’s eye is the precious stone for Ketu. The semi precious substitute for this is Alexandrite.

 Diamond is the precious stone for Venus. The semi precious substitute for this is Tourmaline and Rock Crystal.

Empower Yourself with Gemstones

Hopefully, I have not frightened you with all the information about gemology under Vedic Astrology!

My personal view is that we are often attracted to a gem because our body needs the energy of that gem which is also the basis of Chakra healing using the energy of specific gems.

If one listens to one’s intuition and gut feeling, one can hear the gems calling out to us to wear them whether we seek the guidance of an astrologer or not!

Think about it, have there ever been times when you have wanted to put on a particular necklace which was not going with your attire so you changed your outfit? That is your Higher Self telling you to use the benefit of a particular gem to help you with a problem or to help you with the healing process. So trust yourself and if you feel like wearing garnets, pearls or your favorite amber bracelet today, listen to your intuition and wear it – even if you have to change your attire to do it!

Note from Roz:

This wonderful post was written by Vatsala Shukla, an amazing coach who can be found at her website: She invites you to download your special copy of her ebook, Self-Improvement Strategies – The Karmic Ally Coaching Way. This is a special workbook designed for the professional who prefers self-help as a first option to finding solutions to problems, as well as individuals who are focused on getting results and willing to embrace the change they want become.

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Guest Blogger

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  1. Wow, that is a great deal of information. I’m going to have to come back again to really absorb it all. I love the value and time that is put into this post and Earth and Moon Design’s ongoing blog. Thank you.

  2. You are so right Heather Cameron. I myself had to read it several times and please, don’t test me. I know Vatsala had even more info to impart and it was not easy to eliminate any. Thanks for planning to return. I am so pleased I asked Vatsla to be a guest blogger as I learned a great deal.

  3. Wow – this is a quite the post from Vatsala chock full of info!! I read it twice – love the folklore, history, etc. and love that the two of you are collaborating to share so much info with us=>

    1. Thank you, Deb Nelson. As a storyteller, of course, you would be attracted to the folklore. I was too and read it way more than twice. Just don’t test me. There is a huge difference between Eastern and Western Gemology, and we are happy Vatsala could bring her knowledge to us all.

  4. I’m delighted that Heather and Deb have enjoyed the post and I am so glad that Roslyn asked me if I wanted to share some information about Vedic Astrology and gemstones. I love the pieces that Beth has showcased with the post, especially Moon Magic!

  5. Fascinating, Roz and Vatsala! I’ve learned a lot today! Keep it coming! Good thing that you listed some semi-precious substitutes that work equally well since I don’t have many gemstones.

    1. Beth Niebuhr, so glad we are able to continue informing you and others. There really is so much to know about Gemstones. We work with semi-precious stones as it keeps our product affordable.

    2. Delighted you liked the post Beth. I used to write a lot about metaphysics and gems and I loved getting back into sharing the information and knowledge that I have gleaned in the course of my gemstone journey.

    1. Thanks, Karen Grosz for loving Moon Magic. The lariat looks lovely over a turtle or mock neckline. One customer at our recent show bought a different color and wore it over her scarf. Just a word of caution, our pieces are one-of-a-kind and although we can sometimes reproduce a design, if you love it, you might wish to snatch it up before it goes to the next show this Sunday. Opt-in and use your gift card.

    1. Thanks, Erika Kalmar. Although this was a guest post with so much great info, history, fable, facts & jewelry, we do try to include history or some facts in most of our posts.

    1. Thanks for your comment Erin. My first engagement ring I didn’t want a diamond so I got a black pearl. Second time around I love my diamond engagement & wedding band & have a delicate diamond necklace as my wedding gift. So I do understand.

  6. Ok, maybe this is just coming from left field, because I know very little about empowerment through gemstones and such. Not that I don’t believe in any of it, because I believe that all of God’s creations contain energetic properties that impact us positively or negatively. I’ve just never studied it, because my interests have been elsewhere. So, I’ve always been told that since I was born on February 19th that I’m Pisces, and my birthstone is amethyst. And yet, I have never been attracted to that stone. I have no desire to wear it even though I have about a dozen pieces of jewelry that contain amethyst, because they were given to me as gifts. Is that common? Or am I just odd in that way — that I don’t feel a connection to my birthstone?

    1. Amethyst is a beautiful gemstone and has certain metaphysical gifts but having said that, just because it is your birthstone under Sun Signs, doesn’t mean that you need to be attracted to it or even repelled. Quite possibly you do not need the help of the Amethyst but have enough in your jewelry box should the need arise. Perhaps you are attracted to another gem? If that happens then at a high energy level that is the supplemental strength that you need and are drawn to. It might be interesting to find out your Moon Sign under Vedic Astrology. I also notice that you are on the cusp, so perhaps the Aquarian gemstone is the right one for you?

    2. Melanie Banayat, thanks for your candor and delighted with Vatsala’s, our guest blogger’s reply. What I’d add to her reply is that many people wish they had a different birthstone. When it comes to jewelry and fashion, you want to wear what resonates with you.

  7. Very interesting read and enjoyed the history and folklore behind the piece. I didn’t understand your chart though, as under moon sign, you list all of the planets which threw me from determining what the vedic stone would be. In my birth chart I have my moon in the 6th house in Pisces, so hopefully that helps you to clarify what I am looking for under your heading “moon sign”. I also believe that the healing power of stones has been known for centuries in many cultures and personally I have used stones in both jewelry and carrying them on my body for as long as I can remember. As an Aquarian, I’ve always gravitated to my birth sign of Amethyst, although of all the stones, I would say turquoise remains my favourite. Thanks for the detailed and enlightening post, Vatsala and I look forward to hearing how to read your chart! Maybe I missed something, as I am very used to western astrology.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the mythological story about the origination of gemstones, Beverley. I am not a qualified Vedic Astrologer and you would need to consult one to find out your Moon Ascendant. You can also Google Vedic Astrology signs to find an online portal that can do the calculation for you. That might hold the secret to your attraction for Turquoise especially if Saturn is strong in your Vedic birth chart. A qualified Vedic Astrologer though would take it even further by looking at the constellation and any other conflicting planetary positions but a simple Moon Sign can be found like I mentioned on any online portal. My intuition tells me that there is a lot of Karmic balancing going on in this lifetime for you and your true purpose is to spread a message that is dear to your heart. 🙂

    2. I knew you were very familiar with western astrology and looked forward to your comment. So glad Vatsala directed you to seek additional professional information. Regarding the chart, whenever we did research to prepare a Zodiac chart for a given month, we sometimes found different information in resources. Perhaps that is why your info differs with what is presented here.

  8. What a wonderful article! I love the story of the demon king Bali and his body of gemstones – fascinating. There have been times I’ve changed my complete outfit to suit a jewellery item I’ve just had to wear without really knowing why. The two-year-old Goddess wears an amber necklace for teething. She can’t have it on when she’s at daycare and if Mum forgets to put it back on we all suffer the consequences as the necklace really seems to help alleviate her symptoms.

    1. I love it when I learn of actual evidence about the power of gems and your 2 year-old Goddess benefiting from Amber makes my heart sing with joy, Tamuria. Good to know I am not the only one who changes her outfit because she decides to wear a particular piece of jewelry. I found the story of Bali fascinating too the first time I read it.

    2. Wow Tamuria, so pleased to hear about your granddaughter being helped by the amber necklace. Love your own enthusiasm for jewelry. I plan what I will wear based on the necklace I want to wear. Appreciate your resonse.

  9. Amazing post with tons of information. I’m sure I’ll be rereading for additional nuggets that I missed on the first go-around. I appreciate you listing alternatives because they allow me the variety I crave.

    1. So glad you liked the post, Lee Drozak, and you are so right. Vatsala Shukla, my guest blogger, had even more information to impart.I learned quite a bit and going forward will be referencing it. We have written blogs covering Leo, Virgo & recently Scorpio Zodiac signs & intend to cover the other months as well in 2016.

  10. This is fascinating information. I’ve always known that gems have a lot of deep meaning and power in our lives as my kids from very small ages have each been attracted to different kinds and insist on carrying them everywhere and putting them in safe places. Truthfully, I haven’t taken a lot of time to really learn about them but need to dive in and get more knowledgeable. This is a great start for me.

    1. Welcome to our blog and appreciate your comment. Thanks for sharing about your children’s attraction to certain stones and I hope it continues for them. It is a wonderful field to explore. I too was attracted to gemstones as a child and brought the interest to my children, however, it wasn’t until I started designing jewelry with gemstones, that I learned more about their meanings & properties.

    2. I’m glad you found the information useful Tammy. As you learn more about the power of gems, you will also get an insight into your children. I have a few other posts on gems and chakras back at my blog. Please feel free to drop by and see if they are helpful.

      1. Indira is indeed a lovely name. Here’s some more trivia for you. Indira means ‘Beauty’ in Sanskrit and is also another name for Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and the wife of the Hindu God Vishnu. India’s first female Prime Minister also shares your first name – Indira Gandhi. 🙂

    1. Color plays an important role in Chakra Therapy too, Carol and the same principle of being attracted to the gemstone based on color apply. So you do seem to know what you really need based on color attraction. 🙂

    2. I’m gladCarol Rundle that you realized it was a guest blog. Always turn to an expert on an important topic and we are new to Eastern Astrology. I too was only attracted by the color until I started learning about signs & properties.

  11. Interesting. My mother was really into jewelry and stones. So, as a teen, her and I would go and estate jewelry shopping. It was fun and I haven’t done it in years. This brought back many fond memories with my mom. Thank you.

    1. You’ve made my day Sabrina that my post brought back happy memories. Many of us, especially in the Eastern and certainly in the Indian tradition learn a lot from our mothers’ about jewelry as well as accessorizing with our outfits. Have a great day!

  12. Love, love, LOVE this post! So much information to absorb! Such interesting connections, as well, with the moon and gemstones. I have to admit, I have several of stones that are in my sign, and several that are not. And Roz, every time I see that Moon Magic necklace, I swoon. Your jewelry is amazing and beautiful and awesome.

    1. Love your enthusiasm Liz Benoit Cozby. Not to over-sell cause I may have reminded you that our pieces are one of a kind. You might want to drop a hint to hubby for a Moon Magic holiday gift. Just saying cause it works for Carol every time.

    2. Delighted you loved the post, Liz and I share your fascination with Moon Design. In fact, I think Roslyn and Beth should consider a limited edition of it so that lots of ladies will be happy. 🙂

    1. Welcome to our blog Renee Fuller. This was a guest blog by a friend who is very knowledgeable about Eastern Astrology. We have written a few blogs about Western Zodiac signs & intend to do more in future. Glad you liked it & if different from what you traditionally have read, remember the perspective & info is from the Eastern approach.

    2. I’m delighted you liked my guest post, Renee. Do make note of Roslyn’ note about the Eastern approach and perspective and DO bookmark the Earth and Moon Design Blog – I love the information and jewelry that Roslyn and Beth showcase every week.

    1. Vatsala will probably reply tomorrow as she is many hours different from the USA. So glad you liked the post Joan Harrington and learned a thing or two. I thought our readers would respond well to the post and they sure have.

  13. Dear Vatsala,

    I adore gemstones and have enjoyed collecting them in jewelry since discovering them as a teenager. I also have been given some from my grandmother and great aunt and take great pride in wearing these on special occasions as I feel they have absorbed some of their energies during being worn. I firmly believe gemstones have different healing properties and it is really interesting to add in the special additions from astrology too. I’m Sagittarius so wondering what my moon sign is now?

    1. Welcome, Jennifer to our blog. I’ll let Vatsala know you have a question. We appreciate your sharing your family history. It is very special to have jewelry passed through generations. In fact, it is one of the reasons we suggest people buy handcrafted gemstone jewelry with a thought to passing it on.

  14. Had no idea you went to live in India, very different and interesting and wouldn’t have thought that you were a “late bloomer” to the gems industry… but it makes sense that it suits your tastes. I am like your girlfriends, gold or silver – these days more silver and simple… tho I do love my amethyst, like you! 😉

    1. Dear Jennifer

      I loved reading about the family jewelry that you’ve been gifted. I have a gold necklace from my maternal great grandmother and quite a few pieces that my mother has gifted me over the years. My fascination started around the age of 20 and in those days gemstones and silver were not as expensive as they are today and I could easily pick up a piece or two of jewelry if it caught my fancy, even as a student.

      I’m not a qualified astrologer and don’t know if there is a reliable one in your area but you could Google to find a good Vedic Astrology website where you can compute it. One that I used many years ago is Paramdhaam.

    2. Sorry Vatsala and Kristen if it wasn’t clear that this was a guest blog. Beth, co-creator of our design & my daughter did visit India several times as she had a massage client she treated. Whilst in India, Beth did become fascinated with gemstones, treated herself to just a few and became more interested in Zodiac, Birthstones and Astrology.

  15. A very interesting article Vatsala 🙂 I have very little insight into astrology myself but I love to learn new things. Thank you for posting this. I’ll share it with my followers.

    1. Welcome to our blog and appreciate your openness to new information. We, at Earth and Moon Design were very fortunate that Vatsala, a Facebook friend, wrote this guest blog for us.

  16. I’ve never heard of Vedic Astrology before, and I greatly enjoyed this informative article. I noticed one of the commenters discussed her February birthday (just a few days away from my own Feb birthday) and how she didn’t feel the love for her birthstone. I, on the other hand, love the amethyst stone. 🙂 As for Vedic Astrology, I’m fascinated!

    1. Yes Meghan Monaghan, we have been learning about astrology and gemstones from the perspective of other cultures. Who best to address it for our readers than someone from that culture. So pleased Vatsala Shukla agreed to be a guest blogger.

  17. Thanks for this post. Now I know that I should have get a yellow Sapphire. Interesting. In case Ill buy a ring in the future. I’ll definitely get this kind of gemstone. There’s no harm in trying:)

  18. Most of this information is incorrect despite the fact that many others repeat the same thing, and have done so for generations. Ernst Wilhelm, a prominent vedic astrologer, actually discovered the real truth and i’m here to attest and share a bit of it to any who might notice. Firstly when it comes to the philosophical pov of vedic astrology you need to know that the rasis (signs) represent the non physical, while the grahas (planets) represent the physical. Things like light and color are assigned to the rasis not the grahas. In fact it turns out that different crystalline structures relate to the different planets, while the color directly relates to the signs. When people say Ruby is for the Sun, they are repeating an assumption made long after the vedic sages were gone and long after a text of “lucky gemstones” were released, the vedics themselves had nothing to say about gemstones, and there is nothing negative about wearing them traditionally. In truth all corundums such as ruby and sapphire are of a crystalline structure connected to Venus. In fact the majority of stones people are most attracted to are Venus stones, which makes sense given the pleasurable energy of Venus. The color then relates to what sign or rasi that Venus energy will affect in the person wearing it. An actual stone for the sun would be Cubic Zirconia as the Sun’s crystalline structure is cubic, and to actually support the natal sun of a person it would need to be the color of the sign where the person’s Sun resides. If you have your Sun in aries for example, a red cubic zirconia would enhance your natural Sun qualities. (This is part of why so many people try stones and are unsatisfied, as the stones they wear may not be impacting anything of importance in their life)

    Hope someone can find this useful. Feel free to contact me if you would like to figure out the proper stones for yourself.

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