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How long does it take to make a necklace? How do I decide what to design?

5' rope

Layers around your neck


Every artist has their own style & approach for the creative process. My daughter visualizes the finished piece. She knows exactly what it will look like before she even begins. On the other hand, my creative process is different. I am drawn to the beads themselves & I usually get hooked on a few.  Then I explore how I want to combine these tantalizing beads & ultimately I decide if I want to make a single, double, long, short, twist or versatile design.  Mostly, I am delighted with the outcome & fortunately my customers are too.

5' rope

5′ rope

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The piece I just finished, photos shown, is 5′ long.  I call it  “Variations in Purple” on my website, click,  I will  take you through the process of creating it.  I started at the small ‘trailer hitch’ clasp & the first thing you might notice, after you recover from the sheer length of it, is that on either side of the clasp are 2 distinctly different patterns with a 3rd one in the middle.  Look what happens when I start layering it .  Depending on your neck size you can have up to 5 tight layers & then, draped differently, it does look like you are wearing 3 necklaces.  You can even make it 2 times around & knot the long piece. Oh, this design is so versatile & creating it with 3 patterns isone of  my trademarks!

Knotted 5' Rope

Knotted 5′ Rope


I spend a long time deciding what beads I want to combine into my design.  I select many bead strands from my extensive stash including crystals, Czech glass, semi-precious stones & Freshwater pearls.  My dining room table gets completely covered with choices & then I start selecting, experimenting, eliminating, choosing & finally, beading.

This 5′ rope has to ‘hangout’ so the spaces between the beads settle & fall flush together.  I love blending the colors or as in this case, creating a mono chromatic long necklace in 3 patterns & combining a variety of beads to create this design, “Variations in Purple”.

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I loved going to work each day for 30 years as a professional career counselor. When I retired, I explored my creativity and regard for crafts until I discovered beading. At age 68 I turned my new found passion- jewelry design, into a business. At age 72 I took on learning about social media marketing and developing my computer skills. I am sharing my journey from inception, to frustration, to elation -in the hope of inspiring others that 'it is not too late to start again'. Welcome to my re-invention!

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  1. Yes, Roz, I also enjoy hearing about your creativity;seeing your beautiful work! I am a combination between you & your daughter. I choose a pendant; know what I want the finished product to look like, then by process of elimination, choose the beads to bring out the most unique aspect of that pendnat.

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  2. Roz,
    That is so such an interesting explanation you provided about how different artists see things differently. I would never have thought about your daughter seeing it finished before she starts and then you playing to your heart’s content fiddling around until you have explored in your artistic and playful way and coming up with your masterpiece. Very well written.

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