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Presentation is everything for the working woman, and dressing for success shows you mean business. Your work wardrobe and accessories say a lot about who you are and where you are headed. To achieve the success you deserve, you not only have to do an outstanding job but you also have to dress and look the part.

Take a Tip from The Good Wife on CBS

Diane Lockhart, a principal lawyer played by the fabulous Christine Baranski, exudes self-confidence in the way she conducts herself and by the way she dresses. Her classic business attire, paired with stunning jewelry, is the picture of elegance and refinement.  She takes risks with bold colored ensembles and statement necklaces but she is always coordinated and work appropriate. Her understated, glamorous style reflects a balance between contained strength and assertive flair, and many of us tune in just to see what she’ll be wearing next. Her most memorable style signatures are her fantastic necklaces. Here are a few designs that can hep you attain the “Lockhart” look.

Apropos in Pearls

Pearls are the epitome of classic style and Ms. Lockhart dons them in many configurations: multi-strands, torsades, graduated and embellished. For pearls with an original twist, our “Hush” Matrix weaves pearls and crystal into a braided design. “La Dolce Vita” features over-sized Swarovski glass pearls and crystal.

Blush Pearl Necklace

“Hush” Matrix: A design that can be made in custom colors.


Ready to hold court. photo credit: CBS

Pink Pearl Necklace

“La Dolce Vita”: Highlights rare Peruvian pink opal gemstones.








Lariats that Reel Them In

This monochrome boxy cut top needs a necklace that breaks up its large block of color without detracting from its modern silhouette – a lariat necklace is a trendsetting style with just the right fashion forward appeal. Lariats work well with various  necklines; our “Black Diamond” lariat will fall just at the breast bone, while “Merry Moon” will draw the eye lower.

Black and White Bead Necklace

“Black Diamond”: Combines semi-precious stones with unique finds. This design is available in other color combinations.


Presenting herself with flair. photo credit: CBS

Red and Gold Necklace

“Merry Moon”:  The focal points of this streamlined design are the Swarovski crystal pendants.








Long May She Reign

A tasteful yet simple black skirt-suit is elevated by a string of bling. A long metallic necklace adds some sparkle to the dark backdrop and accentuates the continuous lines of a monochrome ensemble. Some variation in shape makes the outfit more interesting like the asymmetry in “Diamondback” and knotted “Night Music”.


Long Silver Necklace

“Diamondback”: The side focal bead features different snakeskin patterns on each side.


Commanding the room. photo credit: CBS

Gold and Silver Necklace

“Night Music”: This 6′ long rope necklace is the most versatile necklace you’ll own, layer it, twist it, even drape it down your back.








Power Dressing in Pink

You don’t have to stick to dark colors to have a strong professional appearance. Soft pastels are sophisticated and smart when paired with distinctive accessories. A feminine pink sweater set is tempered by a stark black necklace; “Open Plains” and “Cherry Bomb” combine luxurious pink gemstones with neutral tones: black, gray and sand.

Chunky Rose Quartz Necklace

“Open Plains”: A beautiful balance of hard and soft in pink Rose Quartz, Zebra Jasper and crystal.

diane lockhart-the-good-wife

Laying down the law. photo credit: CBS

pink stone necklace

“Cherry Bomb”: An organic elegance emanates from this combination of Fire Cherry Quartz and ceramic beads.








Assert Your Style in Statement Necklaces

Wearing a statement necklace is a clear display of confidence especially when artfully done at the office. A mass of subdued color against a dark background adds texture and allure to this look without being too busy. “Suede” is an eclectic mix of extraordinary materials in muted tones. “Lana” is a statement bib with a dash of flash.

Long Statement Necklace

“Suede”: A very long statement necklace with patterns on each end for styling versatility.

diane-lockhart- purple-statement-necklace

Rarely at a loss for words. photo credit: CBS

Gemstone Bib Necklace

“Lana”: This gold and rosy toned gemstone bib features luxurious drops of Rose Quartz, Moukaite and crystal.








Seeing the Big Picture

This jewel toned ensemble exudes edgy refinement when worn with this three dimensional collar. Our “Harlequin” and “Twister” necklaces have the same contemporary aesthetic. The bold graphic elements and the sheen of their metallic finishes create striking polish and pizzaz.

Black gemstone necklace

“Harlequin”: Remarkable black Agate and metallic Pyrite gemstones create this high fashion statement necklace.


Putting all the pieces together. photo credit: CBS

Handmade Black and Silver Necklace

“Twister”: Black Onyx, silver crystal and Czech glass are a dynamic combination in this twist design.








Dressing for Success in Real Life

Nobody expects women in real life to dress as they do on television, but we can learn from the brilliant costuming of these dynamic characters. Your work wardrobe should certainly include a few suits and dresses but classic separates such as blazers, slacks, skirts and blouses are more versatile because you can mix and match them with different accessories to keep your look fresh. Clothes should fit well; they should be comfortable, flattering and neat.  Take care with the fabrics you choose – select apparel that does not easily wrinkle and doesn’t always require costly dry cleaning. Be selective with bold pieces and colors so your look isn’t too loud for the office. Invest in great shoes, scarves, bags and jewelry; accessories make the outfit.

Put your best foot forward in original designs with professional appeal from Earth and Moon Design.

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I loved going to work each day for 30 years as a professional career counselor. When I retired, I explored my creativity and regard for crafts until I discovered beading. At age 68 I turned my new found passion- jewelry design, into a business. At age 72 I took on learning about social media marketing and developing my computer skills. I am sharing my journey from inception, to frustration, to elation -in the hope of inspiring others that 'it is not too late to start again'. Welcome to my re-invention!

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  1. Oh, I love jewelry! It can make me feel so much better whether I am in jeans or all decked out! Thanks for sharing all those lovely pictures! Oh, to have some of those outfits! WOW! Mind you, even when I was working as a manufacturer’s rep., I couldn’t wait to come home and throw on my casual clothes but I always wore pearls! It was a “fad” I went through! 🙂

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  2. Putting pieces together with an outfit can change your entire mood. Just having that finishing touch can put a smile on anyone’s face and brighten the world around you. Very pretty pieces you have created!

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      So happy you appreciate this article. Proper grooming especially for professionals, is so important in corporate America. It was really great to see a TV show character representing a top lawyer dressed impeccably. Great role model.

  3. I pay attention to all the media and people around me ~ but find I have several ‘looks’ that are my favorite. Great article! Enjoyed it 🙂

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  4. I am so horrible at having a professional look. I’m a t shirt and sweat pants kind of girl. LOL I used to get dressed up when I was young, but I’ve gotten out of that after I got married. You just reminded me that I really need to start looking more presentable…even just for my hubby. You get so used to the comfy and lazy way. LOL

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    Isabele Rayne-and Anna-Zetterberg, Just had similar conversation with some gals who work from home. Many don’t get out of their PJs and if they have a Skype session, just change their top. They do switch into jeans to go out. But we talked about how you can dress comfy at home and still create a feeling of being attractive. Yes, it could be for your hubby but more for yourself. Why not try it a few days a week and see if it makes a difference in how you feel, your productivity, compliments you might get.

  6. Roz, this was such a great post. I never thought about just how much the jewelry that professional women wear affect my perception of them. When I think of it after reading this, it really is true that it has a huge impact on the image they portray about who they are and what they think of themselves and their importance.

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      Thanks Julie for your thoughtful comment. Self-confidence is exuded in the way we dress, carry ourselves and project. Fashion including jewelry can help with this.

  7. Yes, the perfect outfit and accessories can make or break you in business. Diane definitely exudes confidence and power. I can see her wearing your jewelry! 🙂

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  8. Roslyn, You have a wonderful way with words! I love how you paint a picture and show comparisons with people we can relate too. You are right first impressions are important. I love how you weave your beautiful necklaces in your post. I think you know your customer!

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      Oh Daria, love your comment. You touched on every aspect of this post that is meaningful to readers and myself. We’ve been meeting our customers for past 6 years at live events and our on-line customer is the same, so yes, I do know my customer. Thanks for your reply.

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      Beth, so understandable and soon enough you will want to feel ‘human’ again. One way to accomplish that is by putting on something that you really like. Add earrings or a bracelet . That will do the trick.

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  9. Great post with some wonderful tips Roslyn, one of the things that caught my attention and I totally agree with you is when you says: she can go to a last minute appointment any time without worrying about her appearance. How many times we feel that we can’t do that and consequently we lose opportunities…Well said! 🙂

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      Thanks for your comment Meire Weishaupt. I think when we walk out the door and we know we aren’t looking top of our game, at some point in the day, we regret it. As you said, it could cost us.

  10. I very rarely wear jewelry, but when i do it’s got to look great! This is such a great tip for me when it comes to dressing up! I love all of your jewelry Roz, they are works of art!

    1. Post

      Gilly, what a nice comment to make. You might want to try wearing jewelry more often, not when you run but as you go about other tasks and see if the way it makes you feel, impacts your productivity.

  11. Even though I work at home, I always dress in the morning. I just do not feel productive in my pj’s or robe, never have. However, I do like to be comfortable so I tend to not always look as presentable as I should. Maybe we need to start a ‘Power Dressing’ campaign for work at home women? Yes, your jewelry definitely works well for the professional woman who is always ready for the next appointment. I used to sell insurance and always dressed in what I called casual professional. Dress slacks or skirts with tailored blouses and an appropriate jacket. It made me feel more confident.

    1. Post

      You make my point Pat, and I appreciate it. When you know you are dressed professionally, (I like the term casual professional), you do gain confidence.

  12. Love the analogy and how you use a TV character to make a point. This is as good as any fashion magazine. Well done!
    This is another example of how letting your personality and personal opinions shine through your blog writing is a perfect formula for success. Fantastic way to introduce your beautifully crafted exclusive pieces any working woman deserves!

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  13. Love conversations when they deal with clothes, jewelry, and fashion in general. I was just telling someone today that I believe in lots of choices when it comes to shoes, earrings, nail polish and lipstick colors. I don’t watch the show you mentioned, but I love the outfits you showed in the images.

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  14. Power dressing is essential if you want people to notice you in the workplace Roslyn. I remember my string of pearls as a must wear along with tidy low heeled shoes to show who was the boss. 😉

    Nowadays, I bring power dressing into my walks with Miss Coco by wearing trousers and nice dresses along with earrings compared to my usual leggings and tee shirt because it helps start conversations that lead to business for me.

  15. Post

    Appreciate your contribution to the conversation, Vatsala Shukla. It is interesting that you find wearing a nice casual outfit while walking Miss Coco can lead to a business connection.

  16. I SO see you as a career counselor, Roz! I just love how you put together looks. I don’t know if I told you, but I actually had to have someone take me shopping for my last speaking engagement. It is just not in my wheelhouse (shopping, not speaking 🙂 I have to say even I was somewhat surprised at how snazzy I looked! LOL. I should send you a pic of me in the suit and let you pick out a necklace for it.

  17. Post

    Thank you so much for your compliment, Susan Mary Malone. The credit goes to Beth, my partner, & talented daughter. I did see a photo where you thanked your friend for taking you shopping. and I’m sure you looked very snazzy. We would love to choose a necklace for your suit and probably provide you with several selections. In fact, this is something we have been offering in our replies. Many women just don’t feel comfortable selecting the best accessory. They either buy exactly the one piece at the time of purchasing a suit or dress & never deviate or might not wear jewelry because they couldn’t decide from what they own. So send us a photo of the suit, best if you have one wearing it and we can get started. Would love to do that for you.

  18. I have always been a big fan of dressing for success. An outfit just isn’t complete without the right jewelry. I have just started using longer necklaces as a part of my design toolkit. Love all the ideas you have shared.

    1. From what I can see Christy Soukhamneut, longer necklaces should look great on you. And of course, agree with your statement of completing your outfit with the right jewelry. Thanks for your comment.

  19. Well, that was very fun to read! Although I don’t watch that tv show -I do love the style of this actress’ part and how you pointed out characteristics to the style. Your jewelry is so complimentary to these styles and lends a hand at being fashionable, fun and elegant. I also loved this actress in the movie Mama Mia – and a whole different style – just saying for fun. I do have a desire to keep your articles close by for reference

  20. I’m a big fan of the character Christine Baranski played on “The Good Wife”, and love that you used her as an example of a well-dressed successful woman. The wardrobe person really created a style that she wore with confidence. She was able to carry off large statement necklaces with ease. Your examples are lovely and I really love the combo in “Open Plains”. Very soft and subtle colours, yet a beautiful statement piece. My mother can wear larger necklaces, although I’ve never personally felt that comfortable with them, maybe because of the years I was painfully thin and those necklaces might have over-powered me. Beautiful examples of a wide range of wonderful ways to dress up your neckline…in style!

    1. Thanks, Beverley Golden for your contribution to the conversation. As a serious fan of the show, I noticed over the years how the character played by Christine Baranski was dressed to the nines. Over time, Johana Marguiles was dressed as a successful lawyer, but never with the same stunning jewelry or outfits. Our designs would look well on either one of them. Wouldn’t that have been fantastic?

  21. Using the ‘The Good Wife’ as inspiration for this post was genius, Roz. I’m so impressed with your tips and how you are able to show us how to pair jewellery and clothes for style. My line of work doesn’t require business clothes (they would be destroyed within minutes) but I do love to wear colourful necklaces to dress up my jeans and tees. Always hard to pick a favourite with your beautiful jewellery but I was particularly drawn to Merry Moon.

  22. Wow.. go you.. that is one of my favorite shows… and she is a chunky jewelry wearer… but the funny thing… every time I think of her.. I think of How the Grinch Stole Christmas as I believe she was one of the Who’s. lol Great jewels Roz!

  23. Being a trainer/coach I don’t have a lot of opportunity to “dress up” but when I do , I love having just the right necklace to go with my outfit. It really does make a big difference. I love that all of your pieces are so unique. The last thing I want is to wear a necklace that could be found at any department store.

    1. Appreciate your comment and having you as a customer. Over the years, it has been suggested that we just make a few designs but we believe that each woman is unique and deserves a unique look. We are delighted a woman like yourself appreciates that. The pieces you have purchased are extraordinary and I can see you enjoying wearing them over the years.

  24. I’m going to miss The Good Wife — and especially Christine Barankski’s character. I love the way you describe the “role” of the necklace in each set of photos… helpful and informative for the fashion-impaired (aka ME). This is one of the most informative, entertain, “non-salesy” approach to product information I’ve seen. Well done!

    1. Appreciate your compliment Andrea. We do aim to inform, entertain and delight our readers. Knowing that we are being successful with our ‘non-salesy’ approach is encouraging. I too will miss The Good Wife. The final episode left me thinking they created a window for a new show. We shall see.

  25. Hi Roslyn,

    Fabulous post! What a great idea to tie the design ideas to a character we all know and love. When we watch her on TV, we all feel the subliminal messages sent by her ‘power dressing’ but we may not actually be analyzing her appearance from that perspective. This gives us a chance to slow down the tape (so to speak) and see what works for her and what might work for us as well. Lovely!!!! xo, Reba

  26. I find I am looking more and more at what I wear now. I am now more confident about “power-dressing” as I now no longer feel I am rubbish at everything and although I accept I have absolutely no sense of personal style it’s thanks to blogs like these that I am stepping out better dressed and feeling more confident.

    Thanks for bringing the post to our attention!

  27. Such great examples! I love all these, Roz. Thanks for putting them on a “real” woman to show how they work. As you know, I am a huge proponent of “power dressing” for women; I think we all need that one kick-ass look that says to the world, “I’ve got my stuff together. I am strong and powerful.” You may be happy to know that the necklace I purchased from you is, in fact, a key part of my own “power outfit” and I thank you for it!

  28. Power dressing and the statement necklace! Two great things that go great together! It’s so true. It’s also great to wear something that will draw attention to you so that people are intrigued.

  29. I love these pictures!!! I say all the time that I need women in my life that will help me get more fashionable. This blog was so helpful. I have the hardest time figuring out accessories. This has my brain working!

  30. Hi Roslyn,
    You make such a good point–the way we dress can have such an impact on how we feel and the kind of presence we carry. Your jewelry is wonderful, and I like that you highlight how transformative your pieces can be.

  31. Diane Lockhart was one of my favorite TV people. Each week I could not wait to see what she was wearing.. especially the amazing jewelry. Thanks for an informative and fun blog.

  32. Ros – Great article! I’ve never seen The Good Wife (although my husband watched every. single. show.) but when I look at these pictures, a couple of things struck me: many of the pieces that the actress is wearing could be worn on casual attire (even t-shirts) and business attire, as in the pics. Also, they look classy & fun – even more so than actual gemstones. I like the bottom pic under “See the big picture” the best. I know this sounds stupid – but it’s because she’s so well put together that we don’t notice the jewelry or dress. I once heard an expression that if a woman dresses nicely, people notice the dress, but if she dresses exquisitely, people notice HER. That bottom picture exemplifies that, for me. Also, I think she could have had on either of the “harlequin” or “twister” necklaces of yours – & they could have served as perfect substitutes for the one she wore in the pic.

    1. Joan Poter, I look forward to your comments on style and jewelry each week. Appreciate your addition to the conversation. Curious if your husband who watched the show noticed her fabulous grooming. You know, many women only wear fine jewelry, gold, some silver and what drew us to working with semi-precious beads was the amazing color combinations and beauty of beads. Thanks for compliments and I always appreciate your style/design ideas.

  33. I loved this show, Roslyn and I’m sad it’s over. But I can remember each week watching these powerful, successful women dress the part and wanting to see what elements I could add into my life that would work for me. Diane represented class and intelligence. Her outward appearance was a representation of the confidence she felt inside and only added to her combined persona of strength and capability, while maintaining her femininity. Your designs, like her, are bold and yet delicate at the same time. Love them!

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