Just a few of my supplies.

Now, This is Shopping!

Roslyn Our Journey about beads, beads, handcrafted

Just a few of my supplies.

This is Bead Shopping

Sparkle, glisten, colors blasting,
tables, rows, strands a casting
nets to draw us near,
hearts a thumping, we have no fear.

Right, left, down the center
just to the side of where we enter.
Last time almost missed great buys,
there they were,  our favorite vendor guys,
with pearls, cloisonne, abalone & shells,
we will pass on Tibetan bells.

Hours later laden with treasures,
The joy it gives us can’t be measured.

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I loved going to work each day for 30 years as a professional career counselor. When I retired, I explored my creativity and regard for crafts until I discovered beading. At age 68 I turned my new found passion- jewelry design, into a business. At age 72 I took on learning about social media marketing and developing my computer skills. I am sharing my journey from inception, to frustration, to elation -in the hope of inspiring others that 'it is not too late to start again'. Welcome to my re-invention!

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