What Jewelry to Wear with a Red Dress

What Jewelry to Wear with a Red Dress

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Every woman should own a red dress. When you wear a red dress, you exude confidence and say, “Here I am!” If red is your favorite color it reflects your personality in several ways. Most likely you are an extrovert and optimist, you have strong survival instincts, people are drawn to you and you like to be the center of attention.

In every culture, there are intense associations with the color red: passion, sex, courage, beauty, purity and good luck to name a few. When used in fashion, red conveys strength and vitality that can stand alone; it can make an impact with just a single accent. It seems to be one of those colors that works well on almost anybody, day or evening and in all seasons.

But whether or not red is your color crush, it does provide a stunning backdrop for you to showcase your personal style. When styling a red dress, the common jewelry choice is often gold or silver but beaded and gemstone options add texture, color, interest and individuality to an ensemble. Let’s try on some of our favorite red dresses and see how great jewelry flatters each look.

Flaming Hot Looks with Red Dress Accessories


 Classic preppy red dress ensemble

Traditional Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

A knee length linen dress in a classic silhouette is suitable for work or play. Enliven this timeless look with gemstone jewelry in complementary colors. Classic preppy color combinations are blue or peach with red. Our “Poppy” necklace set features peach and coral jade that sets off and softens red beautifully.
Linen Sheath Dress, AnnTaylor.com – $139
Poppy: Coral Colored Necklace Set – $68




Minimalist Chic Jewelry

A Clear Case For Modern Minimalism

The precise tailoring of a modern pencil dress calls for a delicate touch.  Complete this sophisticated look with subtle yet striking adornment. It could be something as simple as a tiny diamond pendant on a chain and diamond studs or for an exceptional look, wear it with our “Nugget” necklace. Clear accessories are trending this season and these floating quartz nuggets on sterling silver chain are simply captivating.

Red Pencil Dress, KarenMillen.com – $350
Nugget: Minimalist Jewelry – $66



Wedding guest red dress outfit

Styled For Spring Romance

The artisanal details and graceful lines of this romantic dress reflect a bohemian spirit. Enhance its exotic charm with an enticing piece of jewelry. “Holly” long dangle earrings would add movement and sass to the ensemble; or the “Dancer” necklace would heighten its flirty and feminine allure.
Cybele Hand-crocheted Dress, PeruvianConnection.com – $598
Holly Whimsicals: Red Dangle Earrings – $40
Dancer: Cranberry Pearl Twist – $65



Fashion forward black necklace

High Fashion Flair

The cosmopolitan style of a bold red jumpsuit requires jewelry that matches its drama. Pair it with a graphic design for a jet-set statement. “Harlequin’s” over-sized agate and metallic pyrite gemstones create a dynamic and polished look.
Wide-Leg Jumpsuit, KarenMillen.com – $240
Harlequin: High Fashion Necklace Set – $98





Nautical Outfit

Sail Through Spring In Style

A linen shift dress with sweet button-hem details has a darling nautical tone. Elevate this casual outfit with appealing accessories that augment the maritime theme. A smart bag in rich red leather adds a touch of luxury. Our “Fiesta” necklace set anchors texture and artistry together in a lively seafaring palette. Linen Buttoned-Hem Dress,   Jjill.com – $99
Tassel Mini-Bucket Bag, KarenMillen.com – $250
Fiesta: Lampwork Glass Necklace Set – $68




Beach Chic Jewelry

Get Swept Away With Beach Chic

This flowing maxi-dress blends red into a sunset print. Complement its mixed palette with jewelry in one of its dreamy colors. Our “Sargasso” necklace accentuates its ethereal blue color; it’s a serene gemstone necklace that radiates an oceanic vibe, harmonizing earth, sea and sky.
Mauna Loa Dress, SundanceCatalog.com – $188
Sargasso: Blue Calcite Necklace – $59



No matter your sartorial style, there’s a place in every woman’s wardrobe for a red dress and fabulous distinctive jewelry. Which look fits your style?

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I loved going to work each day for 30 years as a professional career counselor. When I retired, I explored my creativity and regard for crafts until I discovered beading. At age 68 I turned my new found passion- jewelry design, into a business. At age 72 I took on learning about social media marketing and developing my computer skills. I am sharing my journey from inception, to frustration, to elation -in the hope of inspiring others that 'it is not too late to start again'. Welcome to my re-invention!

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  1. The Sundance Max dress speaks to me most but they are all beautiful. It screams summer to me. I love the mix of the colors and the fabric flow. So pretty. The blue calcite necklace is beautiful too. I seem to gravitate to this color because I have at least 2 necklaces already. It looks so pretty with red. I never thought of matching it with red. Thanks for sharing. Great post! =)

    1. Post

      Appreciate your comment, Sabrina Quairoli. I too love the style of flowy lightweight fabrics, wonderful color combinations of a dress like the Sundance Maxi. If I still went to an office I would clearly choose one of the other styles. So glad you will now wear your blue necklaces with red.

  2. I used to be afraid to wear red. But I have come out of the closet. I like the pencil type of dresses and the jewelry you display is very interesting. It all comes together as cool, classy and sexy… Love it!

    1. Post

      Thanks, Teresa and I may just borrow your line, “cool, classy and sexy.” With your dark hair I think you would look fabulous in red. Give it a try.

  3. Hi Roslyn,

    I have a lot of red in my wardrobe and have fun mixing my jewelry up with it depending on my mood.

    I actually have a Herkimer necklace that is very similar to your quartz necklace.

  4. Although I rarely wear dresses these days, when I do wear red, it is as a sweater or a blouse. Then I seem to gravitate to black around my neck and often choose a black onyx pendant that I love. I do wear black and red bracelets though and now that I have your Santa Fe bracelet with red, black and turquoise stones in it, I am always good to go with jewelry when I wear red on top. When I do wear red, people often compliment me, as it is a colour I apparently wear well! Must be the “winter” in me who can wear bold primary colours.

    1. Beverley, with your dark hair, red is a great color for you, so it’s good that you wear red tops. You might want to try wearing some of your turquoise jewelry and blue stones with red tops, just for a change off. Nice you are getting so much pleasure and usage from your wrap bracelets. We like having satisfied customers.

  5. Post

    Rachel Lavern, yes it is similar and I love the design. The clear quartz sets it up to coordinate universally. Great necklace to take on a vacation.

  6. I SO agree that every woman should own at least one red dress or coat – very empowering. That AT sheath is right in my wheelhouse, might have to check it out!

  7. I’m not sure which dress fits my style; I’m typically in workout clothes or jeans! I do however LOVE your nugget necklace. That would be perfect with just about anything. How big are the crystals?

    1. Thank you Lisa. The Nugget necklace is very versatile. The rock crystal nuggets differ slightly from one another; they are approximately 1/2″ across and 3/4″ long. The design is delicate but has a lot of presence. Let us know if you’d like to see additional images.

  8. I wear a lot of red, especially when I need a confidence boost. It’s mainly red tops for me as I rarely wear dresses anymore, but your beautiful jewellery would work perfectly with my red tops.I recently bought a red jacket I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of this season. I especially love the statement necklace, Breathless.

  9. I did have a beautiful red dress for work in my mid-20s, Roslyn which I wore if I had to go for a site audit at a difficult client’s office. 🙂 Red was a favorite color when I was younger and then transformed into maroon. My favorite gemstone is still red garnet.

  10. So many delights to choose from! The Amadeus necklace and the ‘Beach Chic’ ensemble were favorites of mine today! Thanks for the eyeful of beauty, Roslyn – a great way to start my morning! xo, Reba

  11. Enjoy all your posts and lovely photos of jewelry and fashion. I am new to mixing red with turquoise, myself. I quite like the rather unexpected pop!

  12. I love the Karen Millen dress. Classic and graceful. Red is a great color. I have some red heels and I searched and searched for amazing jewelry so I could sport those bad boys. Love these ideas.

  13. I love wearing red. I just bought a red sundress as a treat for my birthday this Summer. I like standing out (when I want to!) and red seems to do that.

    Your Breathless piece fits my style well – what a beautiful piece!!

    1. Post
  14. Beautiful jewelry, as always, Roz. I see a strong resemblance in Dancer to the necklace I purchased. Which is now my go-to necklace when I want to make a bold statement. And oddly enough, it’s red! When I’m wearing red, I’d go with something that offered a strong contrast to the red. Like black.

    1. Post

      So right Jackie Harder that red and black are a great combination. It is the common go to selection and our goal is to introduce other options. It is even fun to switch off now and then as a new color necklace with the same dress or outfit can give you a new outfit.

  15. Ros – Well, now you’ve done it. I had to buy the cranberry pearl necklace! I looked through your portfolio several weeks ago, and it was in my top 3 favorites then – & now that I’ve seen it again … well, here we are. I love the classy Jackie-O vibe – and the fact that I could also wear it with blue jeans. As to the red – I hate to wear it too much because I feel like a barn. (I really should get over that)!

    1. Post

      The nice thing about the Dancer cranberry necklace Joan Poter is that it also has the palest pink and touch of gold, so it won’t make you look barnlike. Who ever heard of a pink barn?

      Looking forward to packing it up for you and seeing your comments upon opening.

  16. ALLLLL are gorgeous Roz.. you both do amazing work. I don’t have a lot of red but am told the few pieces I do have look good on me. Always been a fan of black so that would be my pick on the red dress with black jewels. 😉

    1. Post
    1. Post
    1. Post
  17. Post
    1. Post

      Karen, one of the ideas we promote is for women to experiment with different looks in fashion & jewelry. We all have our go-to styles, and it can be an eye opener to try an unfamiliar look.

  18. You have some beautiful pieces as always, Roz. I don’t usually wear dresses, I’m more of a separates person. But I always get compliments when I wear red. The last time, I mixed up my usual jewelry and went with morganite earrings in rose gold. Lovely!

    1. Post
  19. I love the beach chic look and can totally see me wearing this in my upcoming trip to Cabo. Your pairings look great and I love seeing all the different ideas. Thank you for opening my eyes up to so many different looks.

    1. Post
    1. Post
    1. Post
  20. I love the combinations you showed here!I like wearing cool reds, but don’t seem to be into dresses much anymore bc of my weight. But I saw some that I wish I could afford!

    1. Post

      I understand about not wearing dresses. I wear pants & separates myself. Glad you like our jewelry & you never know when you will be in a position to own one or request a gift.

  21. I love to wear red! I have a few red dresses and depending on my mood I will wear gold accessories. I try to do a nude makeup look in order to call more attention to the dress. It really is fun to wear red.

    1. Post
  22. Hi Roslyn,

    I love the combinations in this post! Red dresses with all these delicate jewelry! I have a maxi red dress and I love wearing it with golden accessories during Spring and Winter. It makes it glamorous and chic at the same time. I am also a big fan of red accessories, especially when it comes to earrings and scarves.


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