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I was never the kind of person who cared much about what was on tv or religiously followed anything.
But now I have become one of the millions of avid fans entranced by the spectacular Game of Thrones saga.
It is filled with gut wrenching drama and fine writing and acting but it’s really the cinematic visual feast and inspirational female characters that captivate and stimulate my imagination.

Khaleesi vistaImage courtesy of: Entertainment Weekly

Take me away….

The epic landscapes in the show are simply breath-taking. Whether they’re computer generated or not, they are where the fantasy begins; creating other worldly romantic backdrops where each nail biting story-line unfolds.

Go Ladies!

Beyond the scenic splendor, I love the way the show champions women.
In this feminists dream, virtually every female character is FIERCE -for better or for worse. There is great strength in the qualities that so many of the woman portray; ambition, honor, virtue, intuition, wisdom, loyalty, courage, prowess …

 Photos courtesy of: Entertainment Weekly

Their energy, vibrance and commitment imbues them with a beauty far beyond the physical as they are all driven by destiny,survival, revenge or victory.

Lady Catelyn (RIP), Brienne of Tarth, Ygritte, Melissandre, Daenerys, Sansa, Maergery, Arya – the list goes on. And although I admire their raw beauty, as a designer, I can’t help but want to dress them up and adorn them in the jewelry that they have inspired, our Game of Thrones Collection.

Of course it’s also for you and me 🙂 To remind us and everyone else just how fierce and fabulous we are.
After all, what is fashion if not a vehicle for self expression and jewelry is the talisman for that dash of fantasy.
The cherry on top that finishes your look and adds a touch of magic to your day.

Select something special for today or for the holiday season ahead. “Winter is coming”.


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Comments 36

  1. I never saw the show but I love how you pull together who these ladies are and the perfect pieces that would go with their look and character. I really see the connection and how your jewelry would enhance their looks. So well written Beth.

    1. Thanks Julie Latz for your comment.Beth did a great job on the designs as well as conveying her thoughts even to non show viewers. I can see these pieces on many women to bring out their strength and beauty.

  2. What a clever article! I haven’t seen the show but for people who have, it must really ring a bell. I like the way you used the characters as a vehicle for showcasing your lovely jewelry!

    1. Yes Beth Niebur, my daughter Beth (also a Beth) is inspired by the characters, hence her collection. I see these designs as romantic, feminine as well as period pieces.

  3. I’ve never seen the show, but I love how you put it together with your amazing jewelry! You are impressing upon us how valuable we are, and how stunning we can be when we dress up in jewelry like yours.

    1. Tina- my daughter Beth wrote this because she loves the show and is truly inspired to create jewelry as if. Love how you got our intention in creating jewelry to bring out the natural beauty in women.

  4. Love the inspiration for this and how you followed it through, Roslyn. Absolutely the Cameron would be the one I would choose. I appreciate that you get how when something calls us in our lives we follow through with it and see where it leads us. In this case having an idea or inspiration and then seeing what you can create something unique and your own.

    1. Beverley Golden, my daughter Beth created th collection and wrote the blog.As you know the opportunity to be inspired is all around us. Cameron is on sale at 20% off until 9/14 Sunday.

  5. I love that you pull inspiration for those beautiful pieces from a wildly popular show. They are all amazing creations. My favorite is the Super Nova. It is just my personality – elegant with a bit of edginess and rebelliousness

    1. So glad you are familiar with the show and chose a favorite. Just a reminder Veronica that we are running a 20% off sale until Sunday 9/14. Good opportunity for a unique necklace that is your style.

  6. What beautiful pieces. How wonderful to be inspired by a TV show too. Even though this particular programme is somewhat gruesome, there is still a lot of beauty to be found and you have been able to use this to create some lovely pieces.

    Roslyn – you must be so proud of your daughter. 🙂

    1. Yes Victoria Virgo- I am very proud of all she accomplishes. She is very artistic. She also does the photography and product descriptions/copywriting. We both fell in love with making beaded jewelry and designing, creating comes natural and had to learn everything else.

  7. I have to admit that I haven’t fallen prey to this show… however thinking that it is within the medieval times ish… they were very ornate and I can see how you taking your biz into that line could be beneficial. 🙂

  8. Beth, I LOVE the collection! The Mother of Pearl Statement Necklace is stunning! I also really appreciate what you wrote about feminine energy and powerful, unique women. I think it’s time for me to watch, ‘Game of Thrones!”

    1. Post

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