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Take a look around. Is your home as well dressed as you are? Today’s guest writer, Kaitlin Krull of Modernize.com, shares some great home decorating tips for the fashion obsessed.

A true fashion lover knows that consistency is everything when it comes to styling an outfit. At Modernize, we believe that the same is true for interior design. If you want your passion for fashion to match your personal style at home, then you’re in luck. We’ve scoured our own site for some of the most tastefully designed homes and paired them with three fabulous fashion looks: polished professional, down-to-earth, and fashion-forward romantic – to create the perfect home decorating themes.

Modern Design Style Suits the Polished Professional

Shop: Juniper - Green and Black Gemstone Bib Necklace
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If your fashion tastes lead you to choices such as Juniper: Green and Black Gemstone Bib Necklace or Baukjen’s Monmouth Leather Pencil Skirt, then consider yourself a polished professional: a look that is all about sophistication, elegance, and class.

“Juniper” is a statement piece that exudes understated glamour. This true representation of sophisticated artisan jewelry with semi-precious stones in stark  black and lush green tones is what polished professionals are all about. Baukjen’s skirt also follows the modern, polished look with its classic silhouette in edgy and versatile black leather: switch effortlessly from day to evening wear with this chic wardrobe staple.

A modern home decorating style is every bit as understated and polished as these cosmopolitan looks. Modern homes embrace a clean, minimalist, and sometimes even futuristic design with a monochrome color palette and occasional burst of color. We love a bright white room with lot of right angles and one or two bold pops of color from decorative pillows or art pieces. Decorating your home in this way is perfect for the busy professional, sophisticated homeowner, and fashion maven.

Ease into Down-to-Earth Style

Naomi: Earthy Jewelry with Art Glass and Purple Gemstones

If your fashion tastes lean more towards a bohemian chic and handmade look, then you might prefer a down-to-earth design style. Earthy beaded jewelry like the Naomi: Necklace and Earring Set from Earth and Moon Design and hand-knit sweaters like Kaffe Fassett’s Navala Pima Cotton Kimono from the Peruvian Connection embody elevated no-fuss comfort.

The “Naomi” necklace set is an artful ensemble, handcrafted with earthy gemstones and hand-blown glass beads. While its informal design is down-to-earth and casual, the bright purple accents remain at the top of the fashion trends. The Navala kimono has a richly textured hand-tweeded geometric pattern that is at once effortless and stylish.

While bohemian home decor is generally aware of current design trends, the nonchalant way in which this style is put together is what makes it inherently down-to-earth. Bohemian chic is all about relaxed layers of texture of color that are artfully infused with natural elements. If this sounds like a design style you’d like to incorporate into your home, we recommend utilizing a variety of textiles, patterns, and bold colors throughout your living space without worrying too much about clashing or over-decorating. Because while less is more, the bohemian look can combine far more bold decor choices than most of us might think possible.

Falling for the Romantic Look

Lyra: Black Beaded Choker
Shop stylish apparel at KarenMillen.com

If, like the polished professional, you love a put-together, sophisticated look but also love setting trends and stepping outside of the box, then an of-the-moment, romantic design aesthetic will be right up your alley. Lovers of alluring statement jewelry like the Lyra: Black Beaded Choker and ultra-feminine, flowing apparel such as Karen Millen’s Studded Shirtdress are most definitely romantics at heart.

Beaded chokers like “Lyra” are most definitely back in style. With a nod to both the 19th century and the 1990’s, this glamorous piece in deep reds and blacks is the perfect adornment for fall and winter dinner dates and parties. Karen Millen’s gorgeous studded shirtdress seamlessly combines romantic (midi length), feminine (pleated skirt), and gothic (studded accents) styles, making it the ultimate on-trend romantic piece for your wardrobe.

If you want to decorate your home to match your inner romantic fashionista, we think a combination of soft, delicate fabrics in warm colors and hip decorative accessories is the perfect start. As far as textiles are concerned, think feminine (but not exclusively girly) fabrics and patterns. Silver, gold and black accents will cut the femininity of your textiles and bring out the trendsetter in your design style. We really do think this design style has it all: comfort, sophistication, and a stylish edge that will set your home apart from the crowd.

Kaitlin Krull is a writer and mom of two girls living the expat life in the UK. She enjoys writing for Modernize.com with the goal of empowering homeowners with the expert guidance and educational tools they need to take on home projects with confidence.  

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  1. What a fun blog Roz… sadly my house represents me quite well… plain and boring. I don’t dress up all chic like and don’t have fancy decor.. maybe one of these days I will take the time and money and do so. Loved this!

  2. Appreciate your candor Kristen Wilson. So glad you enjoyed his topic. Often accessories in strategic colors can give your interior character or style as in your fashion.

  3. I can’t seem to manage to leave a wall blank or a corner bare and I love the bohemian and homemade look with lots of colour and little treasures everywhere. The same is true for what I wear – I always need splashes of colour. The Naomi necklace is beautiful. The glass beads give it an earthy feel while the little purple beads add an element of fun.

  4. Super interesting, eye-opening. I have a lot of blue in my wardrobe and in my home but it’s not totally one style or another, I don’t think. I have hints of classical, romantic, bohemian and whimsy. But my home is primarily comfortable and functional, not necessarily stylistic. Hmm. Appreciate this invitation to look within and without.

  5. I love the parallels you created. If you’re a visual person, it matters what jewelry you wear, what clothes you wear and what your surroundings look like too. How you look says a lot about you. May as well reflect who you are.

  6. Loved how you ‘accessorized’ the furnishings with jewelry that might match it. Great idea. I love classic, traditional furniture but eclectic non-conventional jewelry. Someday you’ll have to write a post about that composite! Love your site.

  7. I must say I never gave it much thought of linking my jewelry, my wardrobe, and my home decor. I like things simple but elegant, cool but comfy and classic in line and soft in color. Hmmm. Spring cleaning may turn into Spring redecorating. Thanks for the inspiration, Roz.

    1. My suspicion Joyce Hansen is that you are more in sync than you are aware of. Often moving from one climate to another, we may take along furniture and accessories that no longer fit our environment. Glad we gave you something to think about & inspired you.

  8. Sophistication, elegance and class — the three words that sum me up perfectly! (I’m lying, of course.) You know me — I’m the colorful kid. The bolder, the better. And this winter is the time when I finally get my house to look like a true reflection of my taste. Thanks for the reminder that I’m past due on that front!

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