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Experience Week: 7 Days and 7 Ways to Create Adventure

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Imagine living one week of the year focused on having new experiences. Yes, new experiences are a natural part of life but it’s the mindset that we bring to them that can make trying a new restaurant- an adventure. The week of April 13th has been designated as EXPERIENCE WEEK.  We learned of Experience Week through the National Days of the Week Holiday calendar which is a quirky calendar that highlights different things to acknowledge throughout the year and although many of the ‘holidays’ mentioned in it seem silly, some of them suggest events or occasions worthy of our attention.  After all, life is worth celebrating; there is much to be grateful for. This is what we really like about Experience Week, it’s an invitation to go for it.

Experience Week: New Perspectives "Don't let making a Living prevent you from making a Life."

Some of us grew up during the hippie culture and happenings of the 1960’s. Typically, happenings referred to performance art with an active participation of the audience, where the boundary between the art or performance and participants is blurred and there is room for improvisation. Thus each happening is distinctly different from one another. Toward the late 60’s, the hippie culture portrayed a happening as any gathering around an interest. The most famous happening was Woodstock in 1969.

Many aspects of the hippie culture and values have been assimilated into our current culture. Mainstream society has grown to embrace various spiritual concepts, Eastern philosophy, “health-food”, festivals and the importance of diverse artistic expression. But perhaps the most vital is experimentation; trying new things with an open mind and a positive attitude and seeing how that in turn generates our own new ideas, creativity and fun.

 7 Ways to Create Adventure

Firstly, you do want to get in touch with what you often hear yourself say you would love to do. There are always activities you hear or read about that sound like fun and you think you want to try them. Well, there’s no better time like the present. (who said that?) And in case you’re out of ideas, we’ve got some for you:


Music festivals have played on since the 60’s and have become quite popular in the last decade and there are all sorts of festivals surrounding shared interests that are fertile environments for fun and adventure:

Dress completely made of chocolate.

Dress made of chocolate. YUMMY

The Festival of Chocolate– April 18th & 19th,2015 Tampa, Fl. “The biggest Chocolate Festival in the Nation”:http://tampa.festivalofchocolate.com/

Jazz and Heritage Festival– New Orleans, April 24th,2015  and one on Pigeon Island, Saint Lucia, April 30th, 2015.

SunFest Festival– West Palm Beach, Florida begins April 29th. Bands, food, art and partying on the waterfront. Geared for the college vacation crowd but there could be a band performing you really enjoy and would like to hear live.

Burning Man Festival-  On 6 continents, a week-long annual event that started in 1986 as a Solstice Festival in San Francisco and is now held in the Nevada desert. Seventy thousand people gather yearly to explore the possibility of who they are. It draws dreamers and doers and corporate icons too.

Lightning in a Bottle– Memorial Day Weekend, Bradley Ca. Experience The Temple of Consciousness with visionaries, healers, performers, and musicians. The festival is designed to experience activating your body, expanding your mind and opening your heart. Free spirited in a similar vein to Burning Man.

Electric Forest– June 25th – 28th in Rothbury, Michigan-  Since 2011, similar to Burning Man, people are dressed like butterflies and frolic in psychedelic forests to jam bands.

What the Festival– June 19-22 in Oregon- A three-year-old festival known for its giant wading pool.

International Festivals all over the world in South Africa, Indonesia, Scotland, Australia, Japan, Netherlands during the month of April.


You may be familiar with modern day happenings such as flash mobs. These seemingly spontaneous, public happenings occur in unexpected places  like airports or malls, but they don’t just happen randomly, they are carefully planned. There is a community of designers that create these happenings, striving to manifest the best human experiences possible. Several times a year there is a UX (User Experience) conference in San Francisco that draws brilliant designers together who believe in using the transformative power of creativity to produce meaningful experiences in communities. It is a conference for people who develop, lead and manage the delivery of great experiences. How cool is that?

Participating in a modern day Happening would surely be an adventure. There are many to choose from if you do a bit of research on the internet. A couple that we find particularly fun are:

International Pillow Fight: We missed it, but on April 4th, 2015, tens of thousands of people in over 100 cities joined in for a giant pillow fight that lasted minutes in some places, hours in others.

Subway Party: A party made up of strangers who meet on a mass transit system and dance.

#3. CLASSES-  You know the one class you always wanted to take;  Zumba, martial arts, golf, dance, cooking, baking, wine tasting, yoga, painting, guitar, archery, photography,  pottery, philosophy, ethics, music or poetry appreciation.

#4. ACTIVITIES – Or maybe you always wanted to try something more dare-devilish;  a  helicopter ride, paintball, kickboxing, paragliding, zipline or indoor rock climbing. Explore that new bike trail, adopt a pet, act like a tourist in your own city and go sightseeing, run a race, get a massage, go on a fishing trip, arrange for a family portrait, buy tickets to a show or concert, jump double dutch or use a hula hoop.

#5. Create a Dinner Party with a Theme. It could be around an ethnic cuisine and everyone comes in costume.

#6. Help someone else realize a new experience. While these happenings, festivals, classes or events may not be exactly what you would choose to do, they could be on your best friends list. Share a new experience together and you will have helped someone else experience a dream or a wish.

#7. Approach each and every day as an opportunity for adventure.

There is a phrase the design professionals believe in, ‘Just Try It‘.  Make it happen during EXPERIENCE WEEK, starting April 13th, 2015

What do you want to experience?

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I loved going to work each day for 30 years as a professional career counselor. When I retired, I explored my creativity and regard for crafts until I discovered beading. At age 68 I turned my new found passion- jewelry design, into a business. At age 72 I took on learning about social media marketing and developing my computer skills. I am sharing my journey from inception, to frustration, to elation -in the hope of inspiring others that 'it is not too late to start again'. Welcome to my re-invention!

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  1. What a fabulous post, Roslyn and thanks for the trip down memory lane to the “happenings” of the hippie era. I love how modern day design experts are coming together to carefully construct modern-day happenings. This is the essence of community building, bringing people together in real time, in real life to have experiences that aren’t possible to have for those who live much of their life online. For all of us, we have things we’d like to try and to experience, yet often we stop ourselves because day-to-day life seems to get in the way.

    I’m delighted that an art and writing workshop I was involved in creating, is actually being offered this May here in Toronto and I will be co-facilitiating it as well! It is a fun, hands-on experiential exploration of “The Elements in Us”. I’ve been longing to get back to photography more seriously and have continued to talk about taking a photography course somewhere. I’d also like to do the Mindfulness Meditation programme and yet, still haven’t. To myself and to any who reads this, I encourage us all to step in to whatever adventure we would like to experience and to finally do it! Thanks for this post. Now that Spring is here, there really is no reason for any of us not to get out and create new adventures for ourselves.

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      Thanks, Beverley Golden for your informative response. I hope everyone reading the blog also reads your ‘insider’ comment. What I know about you, is that as a result of taking that photography class, meditation program, you will bring new ideas and inspiring conversations to your fans and readers.

  2. I love to share unusual holidays too. Today is Rubber Eraser Day. Erasers used to all be rubber but these days many of them are vinyl. I also love trying new things. You’ve listed some great ideas, Roslyn. It’s especially fun to share a new experience or one I’ve done before with someone else.

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    Thanks, Beth Niebuhr for your comment. This week has many fun and interesting unusual holidays. Because it is experience week, I’ve added posts to my Fb page that cover the unusual holiday. Turns out there are quite a few fun calendars to follow- good for novel ideas.

  4. Loved this post Roz! I always wondered how you knew about all those “quirky” holidays! These are great ideas for how to create new experiences. Many people are stuck doing the same things all the time, going to the same restaurants, etc. I’m happy to be someone who is very open to all kinds of new things.

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      Thanks, Julie, I know you are someone who is open to new ideas and experiences. Sometimes people continue doing the same things but they don’t feel stuck.Sometimes people haven’t made a bucket list. Hopefully, this blog will inspire people to take the class they have always wanted to. In other words, have those new experiences.

  5. What a great idea!! I would love to do this, another week, since I’m on my way to Denver in a couple hours!! I’ll remember this for a later time and let you know how it goes for me!!

    1. Post

      Thanks Tina for taking the time before travel to leave a comment. There are so many interesting places to visit in Arizona & things to do, I look forward to you doing a piece about your home state. It might even get me on a plane. Enjoy your trip to Denver.

  6. Love the article. Interesting to read about some of the unusual “celebrations” that have happened in the past and some of the newer ones common today. This past weekend we went to the Italian Festival In Ybor. The kids had a blast trying some new foods etc.

    1. Post

      Michael Kawula, thanks for you comment and glad you enjoyed the post. So glad to hear you and your family went to a festival recently. I didn’t even mention the ethnic ones, the fabulous foods to try,other than the chocolate festival.

    1. Post

      Welcome back to our blogs Sharon. The past 5 or so have been in similar vein, lots of content, history, visually stimulating. Thanks for your comment.

  7. I love this article. Just to remember to celebrate is something that I struggle with. This is a great reminder on how to stop the business for a minute and really get out there and have fun. There are some great things out there and we could miss out if we don’t take a minute to do some celebrate. 🙂

    1. Post

      Jill McCarthy, I hear you. As self-employed entrepreneurs, we often work on weekends. I hesitate to purchase tickets. So I’m glad this blog was a reminder to get out and have some fun.

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  8. Great article, got me thinking about a few things, both near and far, that I’ve been wanting to do. Some girlfriends and I want to go to one of those painting classes at a new business here in town, bring a bottle or two of wine, paint some, drink some…. 🙂 I’ve also wanted to experience Burning Man at least once in my life. Thanks for the reminder to make time to experience and enjoy life.

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  9. Didn’t know there was a week dedicated to “experiences”!

    We’ve moved a lot in the 22 years my hubby and I have been married — and, each time, we act as “tourists” in our new home. We look for landmarks, hiking trails, festivals and events to check out. It’s been a great way to experience the world.

    1. Post

      Cathy Jennings, Experience Week is on one of those fun national made up calendars. I check it every so often & really liked the idea behind it. Now I understand another dimension to your being so good at networking. Having moved around so much, you had to get good at meeting new people. Love how you took on ‘being like a tourist. Good for you.

  10. Wow! what a fun read Roslyn! I loved the video, I would’ve so been up there, in the thick of it if I was there! Your blog makes me want to drop everything and go live life to the MAX! What would I do?

    I’d travel all around the world with my heart-centred business helping others to live the life they dream. I’d get married to my wonderful partner. I’d wine and dine in the finest places. I’d travel first class to Tokyo. I’d dance in the moonlight in Madrid and banquet on sushi and squid! ☺

    Life sure is for living and even though I’m coming up to the big 5 0, I’m still playful and my adventures would absolutely include everything on your festival and happening list. I love festivals and you’ve provided a great list to ensure no of us has any excuse for not living life to the max!

    Thank you Roslyn for insight in to what’s possible and a life that we can all make probable! x

    1. Post

      Michelle Williams, I believe you live life now to the fullest of each day. It shows in the way you express yourself, your passion for life. I wish you continued success so you can travel the world over and have an abundance of all you desire. Thank you for your enthusiastic support.

  11. My favorite out of the list is DINNER PARTIES! I absolutely LOVE cooking and entertaining close friends in my home. Hmm…what kind of theme can I come up with? Thanks for this post, it really has me thinking of planning a dinner date 🙂

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  12. Great article Roslyn, I totally agree to better seize the day and try new experiences. SunFest in Florida sounds cool…pity it’s a bit far away from here. 🙂

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  13. Yay! This post is so inspiring. We NEED to get out here and adventure more. At all ages, too. It’s good for our soul and crucial for personal growth. SunFest in Florida… I’m all about it! 🙂

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  14. #7 is my cup of tea … I grew up a little ahead of the hippie generation so tend to not follow a lot of the festivals, etc. I love experiencing each day as an adventure… it is a gift to live each day to its fullest. The article was interesting. Recently when I was at my brother’s when my mother was so ill, my brother was telling me about “The Burning Man’s Festival” which is held out in the Nevada desert. The closest town is Winnemucca which is where my brother lives. He was sharing about it because we were talking about local medical services. He said Winnemucca had the only well equipped medical van in the state of Nevada. It was built to provide necessary medical service for The Burning Man’s Festival. The van has x-ray equipment and other diagnostic medical equipment because with a festival of over 70,000 people out in the desert a long way from medical facilities they needed that type of service. We were discussing how the county and city of Winnemucca needed to utilize the availability of that equipment more. At the time we were experiencing the situation that local doctor’s wanted to physically see our mother in their office in order to prescribe pain meds. Our mother was bedridden and not able to be transported unless by ambulance and be taken to ER. We didn’t want to put her through that experience. We did finally get a doctor working with Home Health to prescribe proper meds but it was a hassle. Anyway, I just found it interesting that you mentioned that festival. It is evidently quite a boom to the small town of Winnemucca. Great article!

    1. Post

      Pat Moon, wow- I think this could be a great topic for you to expand on when you get back to blogging. Love hearing about your family and how the town supports Burning Man Festival. It probably boosts their economy even if it creates work or craziness.Has your brother gone to the festival?

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  15. What an inspiring post Roz! I’m sitting in a coffee shop right now doing some work; this is not unusual for me – I work out of my home and go to coffee shops for a change of pace and to work through my to do list. This is the first time I’ve been at this coffee shop, though. What a place this is! The walls and shelves are filled with local artists’ work; music is playing; business is being conducted; strangers chat with now acquaintances.What I thought would be a morning of work has become so much more; yes, everyday is an adventure!

    Also this week, I’ve made progress with the book I’m writing by talking with a couple of people from the publishing industry. These conversations have moved me and the project forward – all good things.

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  16. Given my background as a career diplomat’s child who never lived in any country for more than 3 years and the exposure to different cultures, I guess #7 sums it all. I enjoy meeting people and trying new things which help to give me a new perspective to old shoe situations. Definitely, each new day brings the opportunity to experience posssibilities. Loved your post, Roslyn.

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      Vatsala Shulka, nice to learn more about you and your background. You struck me as wordly thru your own writings, and not I can see why. Seems we are all in agreement to live life to the fullest.

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  17. So many people talk about the Burning Man Festival, that that is something I would love to experience at some point in my life. After reading your article this week and then having a very young man (a school friend of my daughter’s) die of cancer, I can only say we all need to not take life for granted and to “do” the things we say we want to do. To life our lives, create adventures now, not someday or sometime in the future. The world is really open to explore and even if someone can’t afford to travel far and wide, there is always something locally to jump in and experience. Thanks for the reminder and I encourage everyone to create an action + adventure plan like this to enliven their lives.

    1. Post

      I know its a 10 day festival. You probably could go for any part & perhaps with your daughter. Sorry to hear about her friend. Any life taken so young reminds us all of our mortality. I love how strongly you feel about taking every moment, doing the things on your list. Hope you do.

  18. Roslyn what a timely article as you mentioned to me. As you know I will be going the the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival this weekend in Santa Clarita CA. For as many times as I have been there is always something new for me to see and learn… I can hardly wait, it is so good for my soul. I like the idea of the Chocolate Festival in Florida…oh man…that would be right up there with the peach cobbler I will be enjoying this weekend. Great, great article. I agree we need to create adventure now, there is no reason to put it off. Thanks for this!

    1. Post

      Lisa, have a whopping good time at your cowboy festival I know I would enjoy it too. And for sure, I’d love the chocolate festival. Thanks for your comment.

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  19. Such a fun idea Roslyn!
    For me, I would go to a different restaurant each day, something elegant, fancy, or pushing the envelop with new cuisine! Love the idea of new experiences! Thank you 🙂

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  20. Wow, how fun was this.. probably for you to even write. I haven’t been much into historic.. and maybe that comes from being raised in Cali.. where all they have is Missions… LOL Then we moved to VA and I actually wanted to learn more about the colonies and etc. There is so much history in Va and the surrounding states, that EVERYONE knows about. Now I’m in Tx… we saw the Alamo, and it was.. pathetic, I was expecting something grandiose I guess, but it was like in the middle of a big city, we almost missed it.

    I love the flashmob things, those are fun. I love learning new things, trying new things, and being with family and friends. Thanks for this Roz!

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  21. Excellent! Life is too short to not live it out fully. There is so much beauty to experience in the world. Setting intentions and expectations to try out new “adventures” is an amazing perspective to have. Thanks!

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  22. I was actually at the Festival of Chocolate yesterday…Tampa is, of course in my opinion, a very “happening” place these days. I’m looking forward to getting around the country to more festivals in the next few years as my husband and I start to plan an RV adventure. Thanks for sharing some great ones!

    1. Post

      It was your reference Beth Blacker that had me add The Chocolate Festival to our blog list. Sounds like your plan for an RV trip will be filled with new experiences, festivals and fun.

  23. These are all great ideas! My idea of an experience is taking a road trip to places I never seen before…and I haven’t done that in a very long time.Thanks for reminding me to get out there and experience!

    1. Post

      Well Jackie Harder, you have been very focused on your business and making a difference for women. It is time you took a break and relaxed out on the road. Sounds like fun to me.

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