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Dreamy: 18″ Rose Quartz and Garnet Necklace Set

Dreamy: 18″ Rose Quartz and Garnet Necklace Set

If you are on Facebook and Pinterest you had to see all the latest fashions coming out of Fashion Week NY and Paris.  I can’t help wondering who wears those clothes? The models look great in them but… We are not exactly models.

If I were invited to the Oscars or  to a red carpet event, maybe I’d want one of those dresses. Imagine walking down to a front row seat wearing one!

Zac Posen-(foto-Reuters)

Zac Posen-(foto-Reuters)


These fashion shows have been going on for decades so there must be a purpose, and fashion is ever changing.  But are they meant for you and me? I started paying some attention to the latest fashion trends hoping to  be inspired to design coordinating jewelry.


What I discovered surprised me. When styles don’t look good on us we think it is us. But fashion is not really focused on the everyday woman. Its focus seems to be only on clothes that will sell to a specific type of woman.Ralph L STYLE

Who are they meant for?

Why don’t they have Fashion week for women over 50, 60, 70?  It’s clear to me that I was not meant to design fashion, but  then designing jewelry  was a surprise and ultimately became a passion, an addiction and a business.  I didn’t know it was in me, but I’m sure glad I discovered it.

The past few years have been extraordinary for me, to my growth, my business and learning to apply social media marketing.  Imagine in 6 years I’ll be 80 and still doing this. Did I tell you I want my tombstone to read,  “SHE WAS All USED UP“!

Over Easy: 29″ Larimar Beads Necklace

Slip into something fabulous with this larimar beads necklace in beautiful cool blues.

Click on above photo of Baroque Pearls. It will take you directly to the necklace. I just learned how to link image of one of our designs to our website. Will wonders never cease? Enjoy our new website:

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I loved going to work each day for 30 years as a professional career counselor. When I retired, I explored my creativity and regard for crafts until I discovered beading. At age 68 I turned my new found passion- jewelry design, into a business. At age 72 I took on learning about social media marketing and developing my computer skills. I am sharing my journey from inception, to frustration, to elation -in the hope of inspiring others that 'it is not too late to start again'. Welcome to my re-invention!

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  1. Roslyn, you are such an inspiration! I agree with your assessment of all the fashion shows. This is true in interior design as well. It is more important to focus on what speaks to the reality of our lives rather than what someone says is in or out or the fashion of the day. Lifting you up as we all move forward in learning how to use all this technology that surrounds us!

    1. Terri- great phrase and meaning to “focus on the reality of our lives, rather than what someone says is in or out of fashion.” May make a post of this.

  2. Great point that if we aren’t loving our look we think it is us, rather than the current fashion options available. And it can be frustrating when trends take over and suddenly something that worked for you is gone – you can’t find an option you need. (Those jean with 2 inch zippers in the front come to mind! That style did not work for me and it was so hard to find another style of jean for the longest time.) Trends can sometimes make it difficult to have our own style.

    That quote from Ralph Lauren is awesome! Style is so personal.

    1. Such a good point A.Lynn Jesus. And wouldn’t it be great if we had advance notice that our favorite style lets say in jeans would disappear. “Trends can sometimes make it difficult to have our own style” which is why it is really important to know our style and build a wardrobe to support it. That way, you always look and feel like you.

  3. Oh, Roslyn, the pics are so beautiful! There is so much detail in your pieces. Lovely. I also love the quote from Ralph Lauren. Style is so personal! I’ve always worn what I liked, no matter what the latest fashion. Great post!

    1. Alexandra- you are moving to the top of my blog fan club. I really did resist blogging because writing is not a favorite creative outlet for me. I’m sure like many, I wonder what to write about that I have something to say AND fits in with my product. So everytime you say, “Great post”, I relax and think- oh good- I made it thru this week.

    1. I so understand Norma- not every woman wears necklaces and I appreciate your compliments. Hopefully when you and others need a gift, my designs (my daughters too-she does the photography) will come to mind.

  4. I saw my first life fashion show recently and I was SO IMPRESSED! It moves so quickly and the girls are so pretty (and thin, very very thin!). Can we all wear those clothes or jewelry? Of course not! But we can dream! And the designs do dictate the styles and colors for the coming year.

    1. Definitely the colors are determined by Pantone for the coming year, and fashion gets created in those colors. Knockoffs show up for the everyday woman. It is a facinating and fast paced industry.Not my cup of tea but I’m paying attention as it does relate to my product.

  5. I totally agree with Style being personal. People make their own style. Isn’t it called self expression? The younger than me people have been calling it that. Now fashion has never interested me. Also I have never been tall and skinny like those models.

    1. I am like a kid discovering all the new things I can do now that I walk or drive Don. Social media is very exciting and marketing even more so. I am never working. Great passage for remaining life.

  6. I think I’ve finally learned to dress for my body shape and lifestyle, not that I don’t follow fashion and may add a few fashion forward pieces from time to time but I refuse to be a fashion victim, can’t say that was the case in my youth 🙂 Enjoyed your post Roslyn and the Ralph Lauren quote was right on.

    1. I understan Jackie. I always had a good eye and enjoyed the hunt for the best fit, style, colors for my size and body. I often said it was a good thing I wasn’t slim where everything looked great on me. It has been challenging and so rewarding.

  7. The fashion industries needs to start having more real life models!! When I go shopping and I see all the skinny mannequin I don’t even bother trying on the clothes. I say to myself “I will loose weight first then come back.” I don’t! lol

  8. Roz, you are such an inspiration for all of us!
    And I agree they don’t make fashion for every day women. That’s why websites and stores with clothes for real size women are so successful, because more people can actually buy the products. Fashion stores are for very select few who can fit into these incredibly restrictive clothes…

    1. If we come from Abundance Simona, then we know the fashion stores can make it in business because there are perfect customers for them ad same for ready to wear. Something out there for eeryone. find your style or fit and enjoy being and looking you.

  9. Love your quote! You will not be all used up! lol. Mine will be “She kept hooking and needling ’til her dying breath”! hahaha I feel the same way as I get older and I think “what am I still doing making this stuff”? You are an inspiration and keep up the great work!

  10. High fashion has always been aimed at a specific upscale audience … people who have the occasions and appropriate destinations to wear the outfits to. But it has also helped define trends that then get diluted into clothing that a few more of us can wear. And then there is the entire ready-to-wear industry that truly has its finger on the pulse of the mass market. Same with jewelry, Roz. Van Cleef designs things with diamonds that are targeted at the same upscale audience, some of those get knocked off for greater distribution … and the rest of the industry designs and produces things that everyone else enjoys … 😉

    1. Its interesting Sharon and fortunately works well for us that I design for the everyday woman while my daughter designs for the artistic, special occasion, statement piece. It is harder to present collections when our styles are so vastly different and we have had the good fortune to work with a web developer who got each of us.

    1. Post
  11. I love the realization that fashion is here today and gone tomorrow but style defines me. Style defines who I am in so many ways. Some fashion clothing is just not me and I would never be comfortable in them while others are me. Great insight.

    1. Post

      Pat, I’ve had many years to look back and see that I always had my look- call it style and rejected fads or trends and fortunately they would disappear. I’m not a fashion forward person but often get compliments on my clothes and outfits. People say I have a good eye. All of these ruminations led me to realize that fashion comes and goes and I remain with my style.

  12. Roslyn, I love the Baroque Pearls! The attention to detail is evident in every piece you create.You are such an amazing inspiration and I am grateful for your example. I love the quote by Ralph Lauren, too! I am with you. I love to wear my own style. Excellent article!

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