Jewelry as a Catalyst to Romance

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While cruising on the Caribbean a few weeks ago, I watched the waters glisten like sparkling gems. I was drawn into this mesmerizing romantic voyage and began to think about the connection between that sparkle and the dance of jewelry in attracting your soulmate. When a man gives a woman jewelry, it means she is very special to him. It’s a bond between them. And every time she wears the gift, she is signaling to him they have a private connection.  When we treat ourselves the same way, by adorning our bodies with jewelry that brings out our own unique sparkle, we send a message to the universe that we deserve to be romanced. It is from romancing ourselves with great love that we begin to attract that love from someone else.

See what happens when you begin to treat yourself as you envision your soulmate treating you. Notice the changes simply by putting on a necklace, even on a day you have no plans at all. Look in the mirror and smile with recognition that you are romancing yourself with divine love. This is the energy you are now sending to the world; I deserve to sparkle; I lavish myself with love.

As for what you desire when in a relationship

As women, we owe it to our man to tell them how much his gift of jewelry mean to us: that we want to wear the piece he chose for us and see the pleasure on his face when we wear it. It is surprising how many men want a hint about how to make themselves more special to the woman in his life, to give pleasure and see her smile.  There’s nothing wrong with pointing out something specific.  I have heard men say how they appreciate hearing the suggestions and desires of their girlfriends or wives. Men love to “get it right,” and asking for what you really desire allows them to do that.

Share with the man in your life. It’s a way to create a visual and give him some choices for what to get you. Men love choosing! They choose it; you love it – bingo, it’s a perfect match! Picture  this Copper Crystal Flower Drop Handmade Necklace where the droplets of crystal reach toward your cleavage. You know how he will react …and you both will smile.



And if you don’t have a man in your life and are looking to romance yourself or bring in your soulmate, you will smile  as you wear a new piece of jewelry and see how it enhances your outfit,  gathers compliments and shifts your energy.  Visit: In addition to necklaces we now feature unique handmade earrings- a great gift to you and for others.

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I loved going to work each day for 30 years as a professional career counselor. When I retired, I explored my creativity and regard for crafts until I discovered beading. At age 68 I turned my new found passion- jewelry design, into a business. At age 72 I took on learning about social media marketing and developing my computer skills. I am sharing my journey from inception, to frustration, to elation -in the hope of inspiring others that 'it is not too late to start again'. Welcome to my re-invention!

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  1. This was a great post! I love the sea glistening necklace at the top of the post. I have very specific taste in jewelry and do have to point my husband in the right direction. Left to his own devices, he usually comes up with something that I do not particularly like. Sad, but true.

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    Based on my experience at shows Terri, this is often the norm. I do say to hubby’s in particular, she can go to our website and exchange. Some husband’s are very confident they have the right piece. Some don’t know their wife.s favorite color.

  3. My boyfriend always comments when I wear the necklace that he got me. I think its really sweet. In fact I’m wearing the necklace today at work and I bet when I get home tonight he will notice it 🙂

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  5. I love what you said about jewelry being a celebration of the private connection you have with your soul mate. I always feel good when my husband wears pieces I’ve given to him, and he feels great when I wear gems he’s chosen just for me. Great post Roz – I really enjoyed it.

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  6. Thanks Roslyn for sharing such a beautiful post. I love the pics, especially the first one…the colors are incredible….made with lots of love, for sure. I don’t have anyone in my life right now so when I want something special, I buy it. That way there are no returns. 😉

  7. Another nice aspect about wearing the jewelry gift is that when you have it on you are often thinking about the person who gave it to you – like my husband, mother inlaw, & children.

    Love this line “I deserve to sparkle”

  8. Jewelry can be a very important part of a relationship so it’s great when both people understand that, in addition to the type of jewelry that is desired.
    I see men beaming when their significant others wear something they have given them.
    Thanks for your thoughtful and informative post/

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    1. Carla J Gardiner, you sure do deserve a gift to yourself. I believe we are cut from the same mold- hard working, unrelenting perseverance and consistent. You can call us the Movers and Shakers.

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  10. Your necklaces are gorgeous! There is a connection when a man does buy a woman jewelry. You are so right about that.
    I really enjoy sharing your work with friends.

    1. Wow Katrina- Love that you see our necklaces as gorgeous and thank you for sharing with your friends. I think of you as an close to being a celebrity. Have happy holidays. Bet your meals are divine.

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