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slide-3BeadZ of WordZ: 

I touch the beads
As they caress my eyes,
All my senses come alive,
Eager to join them together,
A circle of beauty, lasting forever.                                   Roslyn Tanner Evans- 2007

Beads for RoZ

There must have been beads on her bassinet.
Brightly colored beads she looked at and tried to grab.
They must have been bright and colorful floating right above her head.
Red.  And Yellow. Green. And Purple.
Colors that whirled and spinned and kept her company when no one else was in the room.
The beads – first things she would see in the morning.
The last sight before lights out at night.
And when it was hard to fall asleep she would lie there and conjure the beads and try to make out the odors in the dark.
The Beads.
Her always companions.
When everything else came and went.                   Monique Stampleman- Oct. 2013

Words are like Beads

Words are like beads
Gemstones glisten,
Love words, LISTEN
Tumbling, searching, seeking,
Crystals peaking

Words are like beads,
speaking on a page
Sounds and colors
never age

Words are like beads,
along the bend
the nape of your neck
graceful, no end
Light shining as we express
through words or beads,
dazzle, impress

Words are like beads,
natural treasures unearthed and few
Earth and Moon Design
Unique, tantalizing creations for you!                      Roslyn Tanner Evans, Oct 2013

HandmadeBlueCrystalEarringAh Beading

I can’t stop beading
What can I do?
How can I limit myself
to only a few

What if you like long
and she wants it in a double
with a small inventory
I’ll soon be in trouble.

So I don’t stop beading
and necklaces abound
Lucky for you a great stash
of beads was just found.                                      Roslyn Tanner Evans, Nov 1, 2013LongGarnetBeadedNecklace


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I loved going to work each day for 30 years as a professional career counselor. When I retired, I explored my creativity and regard for crafts until I discovered beading. At age 68 I turned my new found passion- jewelry design, into a business. At age 72 I took on learning about social media marketing and developing my computer skills. I am sharing my journey from inception, to frustration, to elation -in the hope of inspiring others that 'it is not too late to start again'. Welcome to my re-invention!

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      Fortunately I belong to a monthly writer’s group of friends for past 15 years Terri. I always wrote these cute rhyming stories until they begged me to expand. Without their encouragement and guidance, I wouldn’t be blogging at all. Monique wrote the 2nd poem as a gift to me and that inspired my writing the others. I hadn’t written this simple format for so long, I was afraid I lost how. Thanks for your kind words.

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      Thanks Veronica, Christy and Simona for appreciating the change in pace and enjoying another creative side of me. Simona said” She still can’t believe I discovered the artistic side of myself so late in life”. Truth be told, neither can I. Every time I finish a necklace that I think is a WOW, I say to my husband, “I can’t believe I made this”.

  1. I love the change of pace, Roslyn. I still can’t believe that you discovered the artistic side so late in life and you transformed your passion into business so well!

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  3. Roslyn, absolutely love your poems and your jewelry. This is such a refreshing post. You are such an inspiration to us all.

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      What is so special about this group is that we inspire each other. We all have talents in different areas and sharing through our blogs and posts is the inspiration.

  4. It’s my first time, but I love every words you used in all the poems and I am also fascinated by, especially knowing that age doesn’t count to go into beading. Thanks, I love you Roslyn

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